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  • Review Sparc (PS4)


    Sparc is a virtual reality version of Pong with Tron-like visuals. In a way, it's very similar to PlayStation VR Worlds' Danger Ball. You face off against an opponent, each standing at opposite ends of a long empty corridor, and you must throw a ball at your opponent in order to score points. That's the basic...

  • News Virtual Reality Sport Sparc Enters Play on 29th August

    Speed ball

    CCP Games’ energetic PlayStation VR future sport Sparc will enter the field of play on 29th August, the developer has announced. The title – which sees you wielding two PlayStation Move controllers to throw and bat away balls in virtual reality arenas – was a big draw at E3 2017, and aims to do for Sony’s headset what Rocket...

  • E3 2017 Virtual Reality Sport Sparc Coming to PS4

    Ball's in your court

    CCP Games’ competitive sports game Sparc is coming to PlayStation VR later this year. The game takes place in a virtual court, where you must defend the goal behind you by using a shield. Your objective is to throw as many projectiles beyond your opponent as you can – it’s basically Windjammers with a Tron-inspired art...