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    Review King's Quest - Chapter I: A Knight to Remember

    A knight to consider

    Developed by The Odd Gentlemen, Sierra's wonderfully strange point-and-click King's Quest franchise is finally resurrected with a new, episodic tale that is set to span six chapters in total – the first of which being the rather cunningly titled A Knight to Remember. The story begins with Graham, the king of Daventry – the...

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    Review Shiftlings

    Janitors of the Galaxy

    Co-op titles are all the rage nowadays – and in Shiftlings, this is certainly the name of the game. In it, two alien janitors happen across a special drink known as Black Hola Cola, and when one of the extraterrestrials gulps the syrupy substance, his suit inflates like Violet from Willy Wonka. Funnily enough, the characters...

  • News Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolves with Free PS4, PS3 Patch

    Be there or be square

    Sierra's retina rupturing arcade shmup Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will evolve from 31st March as part of a free title update dubbed, er, Evolved. Not to be confused with the asymmetrical first-person shooter of the same name – though if our Ben Tarrant's accurate, equally as nauseating – the patch will add over 40 fresh...

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    Review Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

    Welcome to the Rhombus Room

    Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is the latest release in Bizarre Creations’ once Xbox exclusive twin stick shooter series. Starting life as a minigame in Project Gotham Racing 2, the untimely demise of the aforementioned British outfit means that startup Lucid Games has taken up the neon reins – and this also marks the...

  • News Leisure Suit Larry Returns To PlayStation 3 In High-Definition

    After the disastrous Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust on PlayStation 3, we never thought we'd live to see the saucy protagonist feature on Sony's system again

    But according to an EGM report, Replay Games has picked up the rights to the original Leisure Suit Larry series and will re-release the original title on PlayStation Network next year in...