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  • News Naughty Dog Working To Remove Sex Line Numbers From The Last Of Us

    Not a great week for Naughty Dog's PR department

    Earlier this week we reported that Naughty Dog had received a complaint from a cartographer regarding a subway map which had been used in The Last of Us without permission. That was a red-face situation for the developer, but since then another even more embarrassing cock-up has been unearthed. The...

  • News Alien Anal Probe Ensures That Saints Row 4 Is Banned In Australia

    Causing trouble Down Under

    Saints Row: The Third became infamous for its dildo-shaped weapon, and it would appear that its sequel is trying to be even more tasteless. It showcases an item known as an "Alien Anal Probe", which can be inserted into the bottoms of unsuspecting foes. Unsurprisingly, the inclusion of this weapon has resulted in the game...