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  • Review Tethered (PS4)

    All tied up

    Have you ever wanted to be as powerful as a God, looking over and controlling everything with a click of your fingers? Well, now you can. In Tethered you are tasked with taking care of adorable little creatures called Peeps. They are very hard working and you must use their skills to collect resources, build up their village, and fully...

  • Video Take a Peep at PlayStation VR Strategy Tethered

    All to Tether

    For eons developers have been pondering how to make strategy games work on standard controllers. Tethered, a new title from start-up Secret Sorcery, thinks that it's happened upon the solution: virtual reality. Using the PlayStation VR headset, this diorama-esque experience sees you playing God by using your gaze to, ahem, tether small...