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  • Review Screencheat (PS4)

    Screen if you wanna go faster

    Every time you boot up Screencheat, the PlayStation 4 debut from Australian indie studio Samurai Punk, you're treated to the following informative phrase: "Screencheat: The splitscreen shooter where everyone is invisible so you have to screencheat." This is, for better or worse, the entire game summed up in twelve...

  • News Screencheat Sneaks onto PS4 on 1st March


    If you're one of those people that plays split-screen in a game with a friend while taking cheeky peeks at their half of the screen to give you an advantage, then the upcoming release of Screencheat sounds perfect for you. In April 2015 Nicholas McDonnell from Samurai Punk announced the title for the PlayStation 4, and today it's been...

  • News Screencheat Solves an Age-Old Local Multiplayer Problem on PS4

    Cheat your way to victory

    If you've never played four-player GoldenEye 64 then you either haven't lived – or you're making us feel really old. Either way, the concept of 'screencheating' was established in local multiplayer games as a means to triangulate the position of your enemies by looking across to their quadrant of the screen. Some even...