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  • Feature Eight Promising PS4, PS3, and Vita RPGs in 2014

    Grind out the hype

    Despite being a genre that's certainly had its ups and downs, role-playing games remain a cornerstone of gaming. While traditional RPGs are few and far between outside of independent attempts, traits and mechanics that the genre introduced have steadily bled into vastly different types of releases. From shooters to sports titles,...

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    Review Ys: Memories of Celceta

    Never forget

    The Ys series has a peculiar past consisting of large gaps between sequels, a slew of different developers creating non-canon side projects, and an overall lack of localisation in Europe and North America. However, despite all of this turmoil, its refined mechanics and generally dependable quality has earned it a loyal following all...

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    Review Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God

    Keep calm and curry on

    What would you do if a big chain curry restaurant opened up in town threatening to take over your family owned curry business? You’d pursue the legendary magical curry recipe, of course – which is exactly what protagonist Pupuru and her fuzzy sidekick Kuu get up to in Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God. In order to...

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    Review Rainbow Moon

    Richer than a pot of gold

    Lore has it that leprechauns leave pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. Seeking out the end of the colourful arch will bestow vast riches upon the adventurer – the reward for a dangerous and long journey, where the goal is often hidden from sight. Similar treasures can be uncovered in the PlayStation Vita port of Rainbow...

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    Review Warframe

    You've been framed

    Bolstering the PlayStation 4's launch line-up are a number of free-to-play games, including Digital Extremes' Warframe – a third person action RPG, full of loot, levelling, and co-op chaos. It's a combination that immediately brings to mind something like Mass Effect 3, especially when you consider that the game also features a...

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    Review Valhalla Knights 3

    This ain't heaven

    With such a miserable and lacklustre franchise history, you’d be forgiven for expecting Valhalla Knights 3 to fall short of almost all expectations, and unfortunately, you’d probably be right. Where does this apparently doomed franchise keep making wrong turns – and has anything improved over the three years since the last...

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    Review Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

    Explosive penguins, dood!

    Strategy RPGs aren't usually known for their humour. Sure, Fire Emblem: Awakening inspired the odd chuckle, but for the most part, devising grid-based battlefield attacks is serious business. Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness on the other hand is chaotic, nonsensical, and absolutely mad – and we mean that in the most...

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    Review Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

    Total eclipse of the heart

    When Square and Disney's unlikely collaboration first graced our screens back in 2002, Kingdom Hearts was commended for its fantastic visuals, jaw-dropping cut-scenes, and wonderful animations – all of which still hold up relatively well on the PlayStation 2 today. It must be said, then, that giving the first Kingdom...

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    Review Dragon's Crown

    Picture perfect

    Atlus has forged something of a rocky relationship with European gamers. It's hard to remember a time when its titles haven't been delayed for seemingly ridiculous periods before making the journey overseas – but thankfully, the Japanese publisher has somehow managed to deliver quality games over and over again. Developer...

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    Review Elminage Original

    Classic dungeon crawling

    Elminage Original harks back to the early days of dungeon crawlers. It's an RPG that revels in simplicity, yet cloaks it in a shroud of ill-explained character classes and nonlinear progression. It very much looks and feels like its 80s and 90s ancestors, such as the Wizardry series and early Dragon Quests. It imitates the...

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    Review Diablo III

    The path to paradise begins in Hell

    We've spent the past few days hacking and slashing through hordes of monstrosities, hoovering up loot, dazzling fellow adventurers with grandiose spells, instilling fear into the hearts of our enemies, and preventing Hell from consuming the world. Not literally, of course – we are referring to Blizzard...

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    Review Dragon's Crown

    Worthy of the crown

    It wasn't long ago now that Vanillaware released Muramasa Rebirth for the PlayStation Vita, and showed us exactly what it's capable of doing with an OLED screen. In an apparent effort to prove that it isn't done yet, the developer’s second game has already landed on the handheld in the form of Dragon's Crown. Though it may...

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    Review Arcania: The Complete Tale

    Arrow to the GPU

    A great fantasy RPG should immerse you completely into its virtual world, making you truly believe in the mysterious realms around you. A great fantasy RPG should compel you to the point that you want to speak to every character in order to learn intricate secrets both pivotal and unrelated to the game's plot, and should encourage...

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    Review Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

    Top dogma

    Dragon’s Dogma originally released last year, and although many praised Capcom for trying something new and exciting, the general consensus was that the game fell just short of greatness. Despite boasting a huge open world, an intriguing class system, and fantastic boss fights, the title faltered on the smaller things like awful menu...

  • News Persona 4: The Golden Summons New Screenshots

    Gold standard

    The high school friends of PlayStation 2's swansong RPG will soon be graduating to PS Vita, bringing along with them new characters, voice-overs and gameplay features. The game will also feature some revamped visuals, which you can check out in the new screens Atlus have revealed for the game. For those who missed the original, will...

  • News Move + Fishing + RPG = Our Most Anticipated Game of 2010

    Good news all-around

    The upcoming fitness game from former Spice Girl Mel B may sit at the top of the imaginary Odd Move News leaderboard for today, but the announcement from Japanese firm Recom that it's bringing an online-enabled fishing roleplaying game to PlayStation Network isn't far off. Called Tsuritore, the game will allow up to four players...