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    Review Awesomenauts Assemble!

    It's rude to double-dip

    If you only tend to focus on the big titles released for Sony’s parallelogram-shaped machine, then you may have missed out on some of the memorable indie experiences deployed over the past few months. One such game is Ronimo Games' recently re-visited Awesomenauts Assemble!, a next-gen version of the 2012 multiplayer online...

  • News Awesomenauts Not Assembling on PS4 Until the New Year

    Aw, shucks

    We hope that you weren’t counting on the PlayStation 4 iteration of Awesomenauts to infuse your holiday with a spot of eighties action, as Ronimo Games has admitted that there is very little chance of the side-scrolling MOBA deploying this side of Christmas. According to the developer, the team handling the port, Abstraction Games, has...

  • News Awesomenauts Bringing More, Er, Awesome to PS4

    Crank up the boombox

    Ace eighties parody Awesomenauts is bringing its brand MOBA mayhem to the PlayStation 4. The title – which deployed on the PlayStation 3 last year – sees you competing in six-player battles, levelling up your character, and unlocking new moves as you progress. According to Dutch developer Ronimo Games, the port is being...

  • News Awesomenauts Patch Touches Down

    Naut holding back

    The promised patch for Awesomenauts has landed on PlayStation Network, bringing gameplay tweaks and new characters along with it. The update is intended to adjust the balance of the game, bumping up the abilities of some characters while pulling others down a peg or two. Connection and leaderboard issues have also been addressed...

  • News Admittedly Awesomenauts' GamesCom Trailer Is, Well, Pretty Awesome

    Ronimo Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming 80's inspired PlayStation Network brawler, Awesomenauts

    Do yourself a favour and don't discount the game based on its (intentionally) horrendous title, just hit the jump and watch the trailer. The footage is based on the game's intro movie. If the rest of the game can live up to even 0.1% of...

  • News Swords & Soldiers is Half-Off Until Tuesday, You Know

    Army sale

    You already knew that Tumble is half-price as part of Sony's 11 for 2011 price promotion, but you may not have known that Swords and Soldiers has already had its cost cleft in two, now on the PlayStation Store in North America for just $4.99. In our Swords & Soldiers review we gave the game a well-deserved 9/10 rating, and if that's...

  • News Get a Handle on Swords & Soldiers' Move Controls in New Trailer

    A winning combination

    If you haven't played Ronimo Games' PlayStation Network title Swords & Soldiers yet, you're now able to control your armies using PlayStation Move after a recent free update. Whilst the video below doesn't go into masses of detail about how the control system works, it's a pretty straightforward method: Move's cursor can be...

  • News Patched for Move: Swords & Soldiers (Free)

    Ronimo's game gets all motional

    Previously a hit on Nintendo's WiiWare download platform, HD brawler Swords & Soldiers is now playable with PlayStation Move. Publisher Ronimo has released a free update for the title that brings menu and in-game support for the motion controller, helping players hack and slash their way through the nefarious...