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  • Review RGX Showdown (PS4)

    Blink and you'll miss it

    RGX Showdown's promise of a new arcade racer from the creators of Burnout and Split/Second is a fairly empty one. It's a minuscule indie racing game with some impressive talent behind it, and while it certainly evokes elements of your old favourites, it isn't really in the same class. RGX Showdown's online only races see...

  • News Developers Behind Burnout and Split/Second Return with Futuristic Racer RGX Showdown

    Out today

    If you're like us, any new arcade racer that emerges on PS4 has your attention. The latest is RGX Showdown, a game from a small studio comprising of racing game veterans responsible for Burnout and Split/Second. Sounds good, right? This new game, which launches today on PlayStation Store, is a futuristic street racer with an online focus...