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    Space truckers

    Space sims can be daunting affairs. Their mind boggling complexity often means that they're more at home on the PC than consoles, and anyone that's invested time in gaming black holes like Elite: Dangerous or EVE Online, will freely admit they're not to everyone's taste. So, what if you're the sort of person who wouldn't mind blasting...

  • News Rebel Galaxy Deploys Dastardly Intergalactic Dogfights on PS4 in 2015

    The final frontier

    2015 is shaping up to be the year of the space sim, with the recent announcement of Rebel Galaxy signalling the newest entry in the soon-to-be-pervasive genre. This seriously stylish title - created by a handful of the devs behind the Torchlight games - is purportedly going to flip the genre on its head by speeding up its...