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  • News The Last of Us 2 Is Set to Be Naughty Dog's Most Mature Game to Date

    M rating warns of nudity and sexual content

    Given what we've seen from The Last of Us: Part II in its various trailers and gameplay, and given that it's The Last of Us, any ESRB rating other than an M would've raised some eyebrows. As expected, Naughty Dog's latest will be labelled Mature 17+, but what's perhaps less obvious are the reasons why. Of...

  • News Leisure Suit Larry Will Seemingly Hit on the PS4 Soon

    Wet dreams don't dry

    Lewd “adult” humour looks like it will be the order of the day, when Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry – yes, that’s really its title – will chat up the PlayStation 4 in the future. The game – already available on the PC – has been rated for release by German classifications board USK, and as we’ve...

  • News Stuntman: Ignition Is Driving Dangerously to PS4

    Car crash entertainment

    Surprisingly enjoyable Stuntman sequel Stuntman: Ignition looks like it's set to hit a jump ramp onto the PlayStation 4, as the game has popped up on European ratings firm PEGI's website. While the game did release on the PlayStation 3, it's likely that this is the PlayStation 2 version

  • News Vita Game About Giving Girls Orgasms Accidentally Rated for Everyone

    Someone please think of the children

    Here's a cock up that could potentially land someone in a very sticky situation: the box art for the PlayStation Vita version of risqué rails shooter Gal*Gun: Double Peace has been mistakenly marked with the rating E – and that means Everyone, not Erotic. The error was spotted by infamous Twitter user Wario64,...

  • News Siren: Blood Curse May Be Sightjacking PS4

    Hanuda horror

    Japan Studio's wacky PlayStation 3 survival horror Siren: Blood Curse may be sightjacking the PlayStation 4 in the near future. The title popped up on the Korean Ratings Board overnight under its Western name – it was dubbed Siren: New Translation in its native Japan and Asia – indicating that some kind of remaster may very well be...

  • News BioShock: The Collection PS4 Rating Reveals Rapture Return

    Under the sea

    We asked 2K Games if it would kindly make a BioShock remaster for the PlayStation 4, and it looks like it's responded. As if it ever had a choice, eh? There were rumours eons ago that BioShock: The Collection would wrench its way to Sony's new-gen system, but they never materialised. Now, though, the Brazilian rati

  • News Could the PS4 Be About to Score PS2 Games?

    Dark Chronicle! Ape Escape 2! Twisted Metal: Black!

    There's no doubt that Sony loves a remaster, but if it can make a few extra pennies by re-selling old PlayStation 2 games, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will. Fortunately for the format holder, it looks like some kind of compatibility with the last-last-gen console may be on the cards, as...

  • News Alien Anal Probe Ensures That Saints Row 4 Is Banned In Australia

    Causing trouble Down Under

    Saints Row: The Third became infamous for its dildo-shaped weapon, and it would appear that its sequel is trying to be even more tasteless. It showcases an item known as an "Alien Anal Probe", which can be inserted into the bottoms of unsuspecting foes. Unsurprisingly, the inclusion of this weapon has resulted in the game...

  • News ESRB Rating Reveals Sorcery's Bloody Potions

    Blood simple

    PlayStation Move big hitter Sorcery is heading towards release — promise — with an ESRB rating revealing some intriguing elements of The Workshop's upcoming fantasy magic adventure. While magical potions are par for the course in most fantasy games, the ESRB specifically notes Sorcery's are made of animal blood: wolf, bear and lion,...