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  • News PS Vita RAM Confirmed at 512MB

    More RAM than PS3!

    Shooting down previous rumours that the PS Vita RAM was reduced to 256MB to accommodate a lower launch price, Sony has confirmed that the system will indeed sport 512MB of RAM. These were the original numbers thought to be packed into the system back when it was called the NGP, and places the handheld above PlayStation 3's 256MB...

  • News PS Vita Dev Corroborates System's RAM Reduction

    Plenty of power still under the hood

    Back when it was known as the PlayStation NGP, Sony released the official specifications for the fancy bits stuffed beneath the system's sexy veneer, listing the handheld's RAM at 512 MB. Since, Sony has renamed the device and supposedly cut the original RAM count in half, bringing the PS Vita's RAM down to 256...