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    Review World to the West

    A different kind of Westworld

    What happens when a teleportation-mishap leaves four heroes lost in a strange world, each packing their own unique special powers? Teamwork, that’s what. From the makers of cool 2D puzzle-'em-up Teslagrad, Rain Games brings a new title to the same universe in the shape of World to the West. The big change this time...

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    Review Teslagrad

    Fatal attraction

    Teslagrad’s opening scene is bold, beautiful, and utterly beguiling, cleverly drawing you into its world, without wasting a single second on needless exposition. Unfortunately – while certainly a lot of fun – the rest of the game fails to live up to the lofty precedent set by this prologue. It’s a shame, as hidden just below...

  • News Fascinating Indie Teslagrad Will Fetch a Fancy Physical Release on PS4, PS3, and Vita

    Electrifying stuff

    It's not often that you hear of an indie game getting a physical release, but that's exactly what's happening with Rain Games' Teslagrad. Speaking on its official Facebook account, the developer stated that it's teamed up with SOEDESCO Benelux in order to bring a boxed copy of the title to store shelves. What's more, the studio...

  • News Gorgeous Indie Platformer Teslagrad Will Be Electrifying the PS3 and Vita

    Tesla? I barely know her

    Indie platformers are dime a dozen these days, but very few are as visually striking as Rain Games' stunning title Teslagrad. Taking massive cues from classic Disney, the game's painterly and picturesque panoramas have a very distinct look to them. What's more, the Norwegian developer has painstakingly attempted to recreate...