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  • Podcast Episode 27 - Is Destiny 2 Bungie the Same as Halo Bungie?

    And the Bens sign off

    That's right, you read that sub heading correctly. It's with a heavy heart that this long overdue episode will in fact be Potter and I's last foray into your ears via the Push Square Podcast. As you may have noticed, we've been relatively quiet of late at Camp 'Cast and that's been for a whole number of reasons that simply boil...

  • Podcast Episode 26 - Was E3 2017 a Show to Remember?

    Or has the game changed?

    Somehow it's E3 again, which apparently means all the news about video games! After recovering from the notion that it's already been a whole year, we knuckle down this episode to cover all the big hitters announced, talked about, and generally witnessed with eyeballs at the convention this year. While we touch on stuff seen...

  • Podcast Episode 25 - Is Outlast 2 the Scarefest It Promises to Be?

    And Yooka-Laylee, which doesn't rhyme with much

    Another month of your life has expired and while this brings you closer to the inevitable, sweet embrace of death, you should really look on the bright side of things – it's Push Square Podcast time! This month we settle down with our mighty editor, Mr Sammy Barker to bring you the skinny on two...

  • Podcast Episode 24 - Does Persona 5 Make Up For Mass Effect: Andromeda?

    And fresh info from the rumour mill

    Somehow it's been nearly a month since we treated you last to some fine Push Square Podcast Shenanigwans in the form of NieR: Automata and Horizon: Zero Dawn (Don't know what I'm talking about? Check this out). But we're back with what might just be our largest show ever when we get down and dirty with both

  • Podcast Episode 23 - Is Horizon Zero Dawn PS4's Best Exclusive?

    And we get clear with NieR

    Hello you fine people, the Push Square Podcast is back and transmitting straight to your ears with another great episode! This week it's all about Horizon: Zero Dawn as Lord Sammy Barker comes back onto the show to get into the nitty and gritty of Aloy's adventures. He also treats you guys to some stuff about NieR:...

  • Podcast Episode 22 - Is Prey 2017's PS4 Sleeper Hit?

    And an update from Ben & Ben

    So, it's been a while, hasn't it? Well that's for a number of reasons, the first of which you've probably already guessed. An embargo for the Prey previews gave us cause to hold back the show and allow me to chat freely about my experiences with the new title from Arkane and Bethesda. Another reason for the longer than...

  • Podcast Episode 21 - PlayStation Game of the Year 2016

    The only opinions that matter

    Well, it's been a while hasn't it? We took some time to enjoy Christmas and New Years but now we're back and ready to fill your ears with all the latest and greatest from the land of PlayStation via the Push Square Podcast. We make our triumphant 2017 debut with a MASSIVE episode to make up for our absence - and if the...

  • Podcast Episode 20 - Was Final Fantasy XV Worth the Wait?

    Plus plenty of Christmas cheer

    As we settle in for Christmas, and with Tarrant on holiday, Push Square's two biggest miseries talk Final Fantasy's best protagonist and Push Square's Final Fantasy XV review. Indie Bin is Housemarque's Alienation, but how does it stack up to the excellent Resogun? Following that, we have a little natter about what...

  • Podcast Episode 19 - PSX 2016 Dissected and Discussed

    And how about Knack 2, eh?

    Well, what a time to be a PlayStation fan, am I right? This week on the Push Square Podcast we obviously take a look at all the fantastic stuff unveiled at this year's PSX which obviously takes us longer than usual meaning out Big Review this episode is put on the back bench. In my Indie Bin is PlayDead's critically...

  • Podcast Episode 18 - Mass Effect: Andromeda Details

    And FUS RO DAH

    Winter's chill is certainly here so snuggle up warm and prepare yourselves for a hot off the press episode of the Push Square Podcast. This week we give you all the usual low down on the news you may or may not have missed in sufficiently more detail than usual, making up for the omission of the featured feature to avoid bombarding...

  • Podcast Episode 17 - Bethesda's Review Code Policy

    And is Battlefield 1 any fun?

    Here on the Push Square Podcast, we pride ourselves on delivering the hottest of hot takes and the only opinions that matter anywhere in the universe. Naturally that means that in this episode we take a long hard look at how Bethesda's newly reformed review policy could affect both consumers and the industry in general...

  • Podcast Episode 16 - PlayStation VR Review

    And Mafia III gets patted down

    So, PlayStation VR is now out in the wild, and Potter's finally got his hands on a unit, so we cut to the chase this episode and knuckle down to discuss – well, attempt to – just how the headset stacks up. We also ask the important questions: should you buy one and if you do, what games are worth your time? The...

  • Podcast Episode 15 - A Strong Month for PS4

    And a PlayStation VR overload

    It's somehow been 15 whole episodes and to celebrate we're talking all things PlayStation VR! This takes the place of our usual 'Big Review' as our super-duper special guest this week is the king himself, Editor Sammy Barker who (with the passing of the initial embargo) drops all the details on PSVR and some of its...

  • Podcast Episode 12 - What PS4K Reveals Must Sony Make?

    Grim up north

    This episode, Tarrant's off sunning himself, so associate editor Robert Ramsey steps in as co-host. Also, we discuss the Top 5 PS4K Reveals Sony Must Make at PlayStation Meeting 2016. Our super-duper special guest this week is the reviewer Stephen Tailby who stops in to discuss the divisive, ambitious, and multiplayer-less (?) No Man's...

  • Podcast Episode 11 - Will No Man's Sky Live up to the Hype?

    And who is a satsuma?

    Somehow it's already time for another episode of the Push Square Podcast where Ben Potter and myself bring you all the latest goings on in the world of PlayStation in a super-serious and highly professional manner. We usually give you the hot takes on all the happenings of the last fortnight, but considering the Mordor-esque...

  • Podcast Episode 10 - Top 20 PS4 Games Still to Come in 2016

    And we dismember Umbrella Corps

    And we're back! It's time for another episode of the Push Square Podcast where Ben Potter and myself bring you all the latest goings on in the world of PlayStation. We also regularly treat you to hot takes on Push Square's best feature work and deliver unique conversations with the very folks behind the top reviews...

  • Podcast Episode 9 - E3 2016 Special

    All the announcements, all the opinions

    So, apparently one of the largest gaming conventions of the year took place last week? Ben Potter and myself have never heard of it so we decided to bring you a super special episode of the Push Square Podcast to discuss Sony's conference in depth. We then skim over EA, Ubisoft, and Bethesda's only to wrap it...

  • Podcast Episode 8 - The Best Games of 2016

    And is Blood and Wine mighty fine?

    How quickly can two weeks really go, eh? Ben Potter and myself return to babble on about all the awesome PlayStation happenings for the last fortnight along with important discussions on important topics – only on the Push Square Podcast. In this episode we have a talk about

  • Podcast Episode 7 - What Can Sony Do to Top E3 2015?

    And is the return of DOOM hellishly good?

    After an extra week of absence from your wonderful listening devices – better known as ears – Ben Potter and myself triumphantly return to bring you a healthy dollop of PlayStation happenings, important discussions, and second hand furniture tips via the Push Square Podcast. In this episode we have a...

  • Podcast Episode 6 - What's in Development at Sony?

    And does Uncharted 4 live up to the hype?

    Is it that time again already?! Roll up, roll up and get your finest helpings of Ben Potter and myself as we bring you heaps of PlayStation happenings, hot discussions, and downright silliness via the Push Square Podcast. This episode we have a great chat about What Titles Sony Are Making and what titles

  • Podcast Episode 5 - What Makes the Souls Games So Good?

    Relight my fire

    It's that time again where you lovely people come and get your healthy dose of Ben Potter and myself as we bring you loads of PlayStation happenings, hot discussions, and downright silliness via the Push Square Podcast. This episode we have a great chat about

  • Podcast Episode 4 - Is the PS4K a Good Idea?

    Agree to disagree

    It's already been a month's worth of Ben Potter and myself bringing the noise and PlayStation happenings to you wonderful people via the Push Square Podcast – how time flies when you're having fun. This episode we take a long hard look at the feature Why I Don't Think PS4K Is Okay and

  • Podcast Episode 3 - The Fatigued

    Sleep when you're dead

    It's that time again where Ben Potter and myself come back to play sweet havoc with your ears, sharing our often ludicrous thoughts on the world of gaming and PlayStation from the last few weeks. This episode we take a (rather sleep-deprived) look at a feature musing over 5 PlayStation VR Games That Have Us Hella Hyped

  • Podcast Episode 2 - The Return

    Guess who's back?

    So, a little over a week ago, Ben Potter and myself posted the very first Push Square Podcast, which you can listen to here if you haven't already. You guys seemed to like it and the feedback received has been fantastically positive, for which we're incredibly grateful. Mushy stuff aside, the podcast has been formall

  • Podcast Episode 1 - The Pilot

    Push Square Podcast is born

    You spoke – and we listened. We're very happy to announce the birth of the Push Square Podcast, hosted by our resident duo of Bens. Ben Potter, who you'll certainly recognise from our video section – the basket case responsible for our cracking Game of the Month flicks – and Ben Tarrant, who's been reviewing with us...