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  • News Sony Teams Up with Taco Bell for Tasty PS4 Promotion

    Obesity awaits

    Last year, Sony encouraged you to fill your face with cheesy gorditas in order to win a truck full of PlayStation Vitas – and now it appears to be running a similar promotion with Taco Bell for the PlayStation 4. The on-the-button folks over at NeoGAF spotted the embedded image, which shows a poster for the initiative and a ‘Gre

  • News PlayStation Store PLAY 2013 Saves You Money This Summer

    Top titles featured in PSN promotion

    Sony’s answer to the uber-popular Xbox Live Summer of Arcade initiative, PlayStation Store PLAY, is back for another term, this time bringing with it four farm-fresh PlayStation Network titles for you to harvest. The games featured in this year’s lineup include Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark (23rd July),...

  • News Papo & Yo Featured in PSN Play 2012 Promotion

    Full line-up revealed

    The hotly anticipated PS3 exclusive Papo & Yo will debut alongside Sound Shapes, The Expendables 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as part of Sony’s PSN Play 2012 promotion. The digital endorsement is set to run from 24th July through until 27th August. If you plump up for two featured titles you’ll get $3.00...

  • News Sony Launches Debut Japanese PS Vita Commercial

    With the PlayStation Vita less than a month away from release in Japan, Sony's started ramping up its promotional campaign for the portable system

    Sadly, the device's first commercial isn't the traditional bonkers Japanese fare — showing a man cycling down a hill and not much else. Hit the jump to watch it in action.

  • News Sony Kicks Off New Japanese PlayStation Promotions

    The PlayStation Vita is not the only platform set to get a promotional push in Japan this holiday

    Sony's announced a duo of new campaigns designed to advertise both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable too. The former — which focuses on Sony's new Scarlet Red and Splash Blue PS3 systems — carries the tagline "Yaruzo! Toruzo!...

  • News Sony & EA Dishing Out Free Games For The Xperia Play

    If you own an Xperia Play then you're in luck

    Sony and EA's teamed up to give a way a collection of compatible games for free, including: Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Dead Space, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and Need For Speed: Shift. The titles can be claimed by following the instructions through here. You've got until January 15th 2012 to grab the...

  • News Edge and Schick Offer Free DLC for Killzone 3

    Blast the Helghast waste without the bearded face

    Big manly beards sure look great, but the constant itching gets annoying fast. We know Killzone 3 has consumed many of our readers’ lives since its launch a few weeks back, but that is no reason to ignore simple things such as grooming. It’s time to put that glorious Sharp Shooter down for a...