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  • Review PlayStation Vita Pets (PlayStation Vita)

    Watch dogs

    Virtual pet games have got a bad name. We don’t mean the type of embarrassing monikers that you’re likely to overhear at a haughty dog breeder’s meeting, but more a downright abysmal track record when it comes to quality. Unsurprisingly, the House of Mario set the standard for portable animal interaction with Nintendogs on the...

  • Video Should You Adopt Your Own PlayStation Vita Pet?

    We ruffle the fur of Sony's new family release

    Diversity is essential to any system’s success, so while PlayStation Vita Pets may not look like an instant buy for those of you with macho mentalities, we’ve put the release to the test in a family environment. Unsurprisingly, the title’s already proving a big hit, as evidenced in the Family...