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  • Random Someone's Porting PS1 Classic WipEout to the Playdate

    Why not?

    If you’re not familiar with the Playdate, it’s the dinky yellow handheld with a crank that’s actively coveting a hobbyist, indie game development crowd. It’s home to a number of unique experiences already, but for PlayStation fans, this may be the most intriguing outing yet: Psygnosis’ legendary PS1 racer WipEout, rendered in...

  • News The PS Vita Is Dead, Long Live Playdate

    New handheld device announced out of the blue

    Is the handheld console market dying? Well, the PS Vita might have struggled, but that hasn't stopped small publisher Panic from branching out into this space. The company has gone from creating mobile games to publishing console releases, such as Firewatch, and it's now jumping into the icy cold waters...