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  • Events Replaying PSone at Play Expo 2013

    Always time for a go-a on Klonoa

    Forget the smoke, smog, and stench, the most challenging aspect for an eighties or nineties arcade to recapture is the wonderful way each coin-op would bustle together to create an electric attack on your senses. The noise, the flashing lights from each blinking screen, and the buzzing of gamers towards video game...

  • News Miss the Eurogamer Expo? There's Still a Chance to Play PS4

    Well, in the UK anyway

    If you missed the Eurogamer Expo, but you’re still eager to get some hands-on time with the PlayStation 4 prior to release, the Play Expo could have you covered. Taking place in Manchester next weekend, organisers have confirmed that attendees will be able to spend some time with the next generation version of Assassin’s...