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  • News PS Vita Taking Piracy Very Seriously

    About those memory cards

    The PlayStation Portable was a haven for piracy. While there's no evidence to suggest PSP software would have sold better if the system wasn't hacked to pieces, it can't have helped. As such, Sony built a number of anti-piracy measures into the PlayStation Vita’s design – and those expensive memory cards are part of the...

  • News Sony Hints PS Vita Is Region Free

    Will it follow the footsteps of the PSP?

    During an E3 Vita press event for European and Australian press, Sony Worldwide Studios' Michael Denny was asked whether or not the PS Vita would be region free. While not an absolute confirmation from the company, Denny did respond that "to the best of his knowledge" the PS Vita will be region...

  • News Has The Impenetrable PlayStation 3 Been Hacked By A USB Modchip?

    Sony's fought a solid war against the hackers

    The PlayStation 3's been on the market for a substantial length of time and still the system's yet to be hacked, and subsequently pirated. But a group of hackers claim to have breached the PS3's impenetrable defences with a USB plug-and-play device that bypasses Sony's copy protection. The PSJailbreak...