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  • News PewDiePie Launches Twitch Show as YouTube Burns


    In case you haven't been keeping up, YouTube is in a rough spot. The uber-popular video delivery platform has come underfire of late due to the discovery of adverts being served on some racist videos, which has had the knock-on effect of brands pulling support from the platform. Many high-profile content creators have revealed a sudden,...

  • News Pewdiepie Gets Pulled by Disney After Controversial Stunt

    Offensive gag backfires badly

    We almost didn't run this, but Pewdiepie is perhaps the biggest name in gaming culture, and so it probably deserves a quick post. In case you haven't seen the news, the Swedish YouTuber has been dropped by Disney-owned network Maker Studios after a failed gag which included anti-Semitic undertones. As the biggest...

  • News PewDiePie Kickflips PS3 Classic Skate 3 Back to Life

    Videos inspire reprint four years on

    PewDiePie: hilarious and harmless, or scourge of the gaming community? Adored by his legions of subscribers and seemingly hated by everyone else, the Swedish YouTube star always seems to split opinion. But whatever your take on the gurning personality, it's impossible to deny his influence. The success of the...