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    Review Just Dance 2014

    It takes Move to tango

    Ubisoft’s colossal Just Dance series has become a common name among party gamers and rhythm fans. The gameplay essentially boils down to you mirroring a brightly coloured avatar in order to pull shapes to popular songs across a variety of genres. Compatible with up to four players, the franchise scores you by tracking your...

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    Review Atomic Ninjas


    After a guard accidentally nods off over a big red button that rains nuclear fire down on the Earth's citizens, the world as we know it is destroyed. However, in true comic book fashion, Atomic Ninjas' titular characters aren't obliterated by the blast – instead, they're strengthened, sporting increased agility and near invulnerability...

  • News PS Vita Will Have Cross-Game Voice Chat

    Via Party app

    Sony Europe's R&D Manager Phil Rogers has confirmed that the PlayStation Vita will allow users to text and voice chat with friends via the system's Party app, even if they are playing different games or using different applications. Cross-game voice chat, it's there and it's on Vita. Party lets up to four users band together to...

  • Feature Learn All About Vita's Near, Party, LiveArea and Activity

    Wireless functions explained

    It's all well and good being able to play Vita games on your own, but the machine is designed to help you connect with other users too, whether you know it or not. Sony's R&D man Phil Rogers explained the machine's capabilities at the recent Develop conference, detailing the console's LiveArea, Party, Near and...

  • News SEGA Serves Up Virtua Tennis 4 on PS Vita

    Ready for launch

    SEGA's Virtua Tennis franchise has been through multiple iterations since its 1999 arcade debut, going from coin-op to home consoles to portable handhelds. The series has thrice been a launch title on PlayStation platforms, and now SEGA says it's bringing back the original development team for a revamped port of Virtua Tennis 4 for...

  • News PlayStation Vita's "Near" and "Party" Apps Explained

    Can you say cross-game voice chat?

    The PlayStation Vita will house an array of new social gaming features not currently available on the PS3 or PSP thanks to two Vita apps titles "Near" and "Party." Party works with your friends list to display all your currently connected pals, what games they're playing, and even allows you to...

  • News Video of Lily Allen Playing Move is a Sony Marketing Dream Come True

    Fashion, popular music and gaming combine

    The launch of a vintage fashion shop in London probably isn't the first thing you'd associate with PlayStation Move, but if the Internet has taught you one thing so far it should be that strange combinations make the world go around. That's why this video of the grand opening of Lily Allen and half sister...