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  • News The Outlast Trials Adds More Unfortunate Subjects to the Terror

    Co-op creep

    As previously teased, there’s a new Outlast title in development – and this one will feature co-op. While not a direct sequel, developer Red Barrels promises that this instalment is set in the same “thrilling universe”. The press release explains: “The Outlast Trials will allow players to face the horrors of the trials by...

  • News Outlast Devs Mark Halloween, PS Plus Announcement with Tease

    Where freedom ends

    Outlast 2 will be free with PlayStation Plus next week, and it looks like the timing isn’t a coincidence. Red Barrels, the developer of the survival horror series, has posted a cryptic tease on Twitter, showing two holding hands and the words, “Where freedom ends.” It added a caption on social media confirming that an...

  • Interview Samuel Laflamme on Scoring Outlast II's Scares

    Sounding off

    Outlast II from Red Barrels is one of the most anticipated titles of the year. A follow-up to one of the best horror games we've had the chance to play, we got the chance to ask composer, Samuel Laflamme – who also scored Outlast, as well as the expansion, Whistleblower – a few questions about his process, how the soundscape for the...

  • News Outlast 2 Sprints from Danger 25th April on PS4

    Alone in the dark

    If last year was the year of deceased celebrities, then surely 2017 is the year of amazing video games. Everything seems to be exceeding expectations at the minute, and here's an opportunity for another hit: Outlast 2 releases on 25th April for the PlayStation 4. Red Barrels nonchalantly confirmed the date on Twitter moments ago,...

  • Push Scare Why You Should Brave Outlast on PS4 This Hallowe'en

    Voyeur violence

    Republished on Monday, 31st October 2016: We're bringing this article back from the archives to celebrate Hallowe'en today. The original text follows. Originally published on Thursday, 30th October 2014: Are you looking for a scary, thrilling, and extremely gory game to play this Hallowe'en? Do you want to scream, cry, and laugh in...

  • Hands On Looking Through the Viewfinder of Outlast 2's PS4 Demo

    Found footage

    Well this is a pleasant surprise! We'd forgotten how much we enjoyed the original Outlast, but playing this hastily released demo for its sequel has brought all of those good memories flowing back. This sampler – deployed today on the European PlayStation Store – is set in a dingy rural village, where clearly there's some kind of...

  • Hands On Outlast 2 Scares Up Playable Demo at PAX East

    Don't let the batteries run out

    Horror game dev Red Barrels burst onto the console scene in 2014 with handheld camera horror game Outlast. For a first game, we were damn impressed with it. The subsequent expansion was equally impressive, and in the months that followed, the confirmation of a sequel made us downright giddy. So understandably, when...

  • News Outlast 2 Will Be Your Hallowe'en Game Next Year

    Releases in Fall 2016 for PS4

    After confirming last year in an interview with Bloody Disgusting that Outlast 2 was in development, Red Barrels has released an announcement trailer that gives a release date of Fall 2016. We can't infer much from said trailer, but it does show a burning cross, which could be attributed to the original Outlast's Father...

  • News Survival Horror Outlast Resurges with Spooky Sequel

    Time to stock up on batteries

    This particular editor got around to playing all of Outlast this week, and can testify that the terrifying thrills that it affords are real and often experienced while sneaking through Mount Massive Asylum's many horrors. That being said, it's a creepy coincidence that the developer confirmed this week that it's...

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    Review Outlast: Whistleblower


    Red Barrels’ excellent Outlast was one of the earlier PlayStation 4 indie releases, deploying at the start of the year to critical acclaim from many corners of the enthusiast press. Plotting a return to the survival horror format of old, the core campaign served up a tense survival horror affair that found you using a video camera to not only...

  • News Red Barrels Blows the Whistle on Outlast's PS4 Expansion Next Month

    Loose lips slit wrists

    PlayStation 4 frightfest Outlast is set to be re-energised by a new set of batteries next month, as developer Red Barrels has blown the whistle on the survival horror’s first major expansion pack. Dubbed, er, Whistleblower, the daunting add-on is due out on 6th May in North America and 7th May in Europe. “Have you got...

  • News Oh Boy, Petrifying PS4 Survival Horror Outlast Is Getting DLC

    The horror never ends

    If you fancy yourself a glutton for punishment, and you've access to an endless supply of clean undergarments, then we're delighted to inform you that utterly terrifying survival horror Outlast will be receiving downloadable content. Positioned as a prologue to the main story, the Whistleblower pack will see you playing as the...

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    Review Outlast

    Corpse on camera

    Outlast is the first title from Red Barrels, a Canadian developer founded by industry veterans. It also happens to be an absolutely cracking debut. Originally released on the PC in September of last year, the survival horror has shuffled onto the PlayStation 4, where it’s available as a free PlayStation Plus download at the time...