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  • News PSN Offline Again, Sony Investigating Outage Issues

    Down for the count

    Cancel those late night Dying Light co-op sessions, as the PlayStation Network has been plunged into darkness yet again. Writing on Twitter, platform holder Sony has said that it's investigating the outage – but this seems unexpected, as its official website is currently signalling that everything's online. We've just had a

  • News Joy to the World, PSN's No Longer Offline

    Most people can now connect

    Let's hope that this is the last article that we have to write on this matter: PlayStation Network is finally coming back online across the globe. While not everyone has access yet, we're now able to use our consoles fully – we even tried our luck by purchasing a couple of games from the PlayStation Store, and had zero...

  • News Sony Investigating Online Issues as PSN Plunges into Darkness Again

    Down and out

    The problem with global gaming networks is that someone is always trying to play – so you better make sure that your service is online, otherwise there’ll be hell to pay. Some will attempt to tell you that the PlayStation Network is always offline, and while that’s not entirely true, there have been more outages over the past...

  • News Wait, People Are Still Going on About the Infamous PSN Hack?

    You may get a free game out of it

    Few could forget the infamous PlayStation Network hack. It was a time of sorrow, solitary gaming, and some serious FUD from major publications. And it’s a story that’s still running to this very day, as Sony has just agreed to settle a $15 million class action lawsuit – which could net you a free game if you...

  • News Suspected PlayStation Network Hacker Takes a Hammer to His Computers

    Evidence destroyed

    The 23-year-old man believed to be responsible for hacking the PlayStation Network has avoided a serious jail spell after destroying evidence linking him to the crime. Todd Miller of Columbus, Ohio was sentenced to a year on house arrest for obstructing a federal investigation after he smashed his computers and disposed of the...

  • News Sony's 'Welcome Back' Plan Actually Boosted PlayStation 3 Sales

    Remember all the doom and gloom during the PlayStation Network outage? Many wondered if the PlayStation business was finished for good

    Sony desperately tried to claw back goodwill by announcing the PlayStation Network "Welcome Back" package, a plan involving a number of free games as way of apology for the inconvenience caused by the outage. According to a report published by EEDAR's..

  • News Q-Games Offers Developer Perspective Of PSN Outage

    Industry veteran and Q-Games gaffer Dylan Cuthbert has spoken to IndustryGamers about the affect the current PSN outage is having on his company

    Q-Games is behind the PixelJunk series — one of the most important brands available on the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately for Dylan and his company, the outage is already taking its toll on the studio's...