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  • News PS4 Nyko Databank Will Put Some Extra Fat on Your PS4 This June

    Chubby lovin'

    If you're anything like us lot then you've probably had to euthanize a few games to make room for new adventures on your PlayStation 4 – 500GB just doesn't go far enough these days. Of course, you've always got the option to upgrade the 2.5" stock hard-drive to something a little beefier, but even then the price to double up to 1TB...

  • News Keyboard Warriors Will Want Nyko's PS4 Type Pad

    Quirky QWERTY

    Nyko's clearly eyeing that enormous PlayStation 4 install base with real eagerness right now. In addition to the Data Bank, the accessories manufacturer has also dreamed up a DualShock 4 type pad, which will add a mini-keyboard to the controller. This plugs right into the bottom of the device, and will operate over Bluetooth. In...

  • News Nyko's Nifty PS4 Data Bank Will Solve Your Storage Woes

    Space to waste

    Storage management has become a key consideration for console owners of late, with massive installs and digital downloads meaning that it can be challenging to keep all of your content in one place. Much like the PlayStation 3, Sony's made it so that you can upgrade the PlayStation 4's hard drive as you see fit, but you're limited...

  • News Extend Your PS4 Controller's Battery Life with the Nyko Power Pak on 26th May

    The waiting game

    The PlayStation 4 controller has a pretty good chunk of battery life, usually clocking in at about seven or eight hours. However, if you're anything like this reporter, you probably constantly forget to charge the sleek piece of machinery, and are left trying to negotiate its criminally short connection cord. Luckily, Nyko has plans...

  • News Sick of Your PS4 Controller Running Out of Battery? Nyko Has the Solution


    We love the DualShock 4 here at Push Square. In fact, we think it's the best controller that Sony's engineering department has ever designed. However, if there was one complaint we could level at the next-gen gamepad, it would be its middling battery life. It can usually manage around 8-10 hours off a full charge, but if you're...

  • News CES 2012: Nyko Reveals Battery Enhancing Grip For PlayStation Vita

    The PlayStation Vita's battery life is actually much better than expected

    Pundits feared the worst when Sony initially revealed a three hour run-time, but now that the system is out in the wild, reports actually put the system's life somewhere closer to the region of five hours — even when all of its features are turned on. While five hours is decent, no-one could ever argue with more run-time..

  • News Nyko Shows Off New PS Vita Accessories

    Start your starter kits

    Accessory manufacturer-to-the-stars Nyko has revealed an all new line-up of trinkets for PS Vita, ranging from rudimentary chargers to ergonomical battery boosters. The Power Grip, much like the 3DS Power Grip, will boost battery life while adding in a controller-like feel. The PS Vita Starter Kit bundles together a case,...

  • News Nyko Skill Shot Aims to Blow Your Wallet Wide Today

    Shoot to thrill

    Nyko's PlayStation Move support continues today with the launch of the Skill Shot, a "tactical rifle attachment" for Move that arrives just in time for the launch of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs. Costing $19.99, the Skill Shot is half the price of the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter and offers support for left or right-handed...

  • News Nyko Set to Support PlayStation Move with Both Barrels

    Gunning for success

    You can never have too many plastic guns for PlayStation Move, with accessory creators Nyko bringing two new attachments to the controller in the near future. The more interesting of the pair is the Power Shot, a rifle-style design not unlike Sony's official Sharp Shooter. Holding both the Navigation and Move controller, it's...