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  • Review Nom Nom Galaxy (PlayStation 4)

    Interstellar soup seller

    Q-Games' PixelJunk series has always had its own quirky style, and while the developer's experiments may not have always hit the mark, they've at worst been worth a look. With the company's latest game Nom Nom Galaxy landing on PlayStation 4 – after hitting Steam Early Access last year – it's time to find out what the...

  • News Nom Nom Galaxy Rules Soup-reme on PS4 from Next Week

    Concept sounds stew-pid

    Udon know about you, but all of these PlayStation 4 indies are getting a bit predictable. It's almost like the smaller developers are boiling the same puzzle platforming broth, so thank heavens Q-Games hasn't chickened out, and has added some interesting new ingredients to the pot. Nom Nom Galaxy is the latest PlayStation 4...