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  • Review 100ft Robot Golf (PS4)

    This 100ft bogey’s all over me

    Golf, eh? A gentleman's game, leisurely paced and frightfully mannered. Not the sort of real world sport you might immediately think to add giant mech suits and mass destruction to – but 100ft Robot Golf brings heavy metal mech mayhem to the PlayStation 4's first real-time PlayStation VR compatible golf game. The...

  • News 100ft Robot Golf's Launch Trailer Totally Nails It

    Gun-dam it

    If you ever dare digest the video game release calendar, you'll stumble upon dozens of samey looking titles – both in the blockbuster and indie space. 100ft Robot Golf is one of those rare releases with a wholly unique concept, and this launch trailer underlines just how expertly No Goblin has followed through with its vision. Will the...

  • PSX 2015 Demolish Your Way to Par in 100ft Robot Golf on PS4

    Bogey bot

    Probably the best WTF announcement at Sony's big PlayStation Experience 2015 keynote belonged to 100ft Robot Golf, a PlayStation VR game that's due out on the PlayStation 4 next year. The game – as its name indicates – will see you piloting a mech in real-time, which you'll be able to use to destroy obstacles as your pursuit for that...

  • Review Roundabout (PlayStation 4)

    I'm spinning around

    Roundabout is the port of a game that came to the PC last year, and it's easily the most bonkers release we've played in a long time. You assume the role of the ever-silent Georgio Manos – the world's first spinning limousine driver – and are tasked with re-enacting her fictional rise to fame in the 70s. Stages adopt two...

  • News Roundabout Will Drive Your PS4, Vita Round the Bend Next Year

    Fare enough

    Yes! As a lifelong fan of Crazy Taxi and Kuru Kuru Kururin, this editor has been waiting patiently for Sony to flag down Roundabout for its suite of systems – and it’s finally happened. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, developer No Goblin’s co-founder Dan Teasdale has confirmed that the

  • News This PS4 Game Will Spin You Round Baby, Right Round

    Feeling dizzy

    Between the likes of Octodad: Dadliest Catch and King Oddball, there have been no shortage of strange games on the PlayStation 4 – but the impending Roundabout may just be the oddest yet. Set to start spinning in early 2015, the limousine simulation is essentially a reimagining of Game Boy Advance classic Kuru Kuru Kururin [Can never...