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  • News Unfortunately, Ubisoft Isn't Also Abandoning NFTs

    "Future drops coming with other games"

    Ubisoft might be scrapping Ghost Recon: Breakpoint support moving forward, but that doesn't mean its criticised NFT initiative is dying with it. The French publisher has confirmed to GamesIndustry.biz that NFTs will still be part of future games. The full statement reads: "Stay tuned for more update

  • News We're Sure Everyone Will Be Calm About SEGA NFT Trademark


    Ah, good ol’ non-fungible tokens. They’re the technology no one really understands – not even, we’d argue, the people endorsing them – but you can either hate or you can create. Ain’t that right, Troy Baker? Seriously, though, we’re slowly seeing more games publishers adopt the controversial format, as perhaps best evidenced by...