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    Review Puddle

    Hyperactive hydration

    If Puddle was a person, it would be a hyperactive four-year-old. Indeed, this perky puzzler-cum-platformer practically percolates with restless aplomb. But does this energetic attitude keep the experience afloat, or will the title’s soggy antics leave you drowning in misery? At its core, this physics-based outing is a pretty...

  • News Physics Puzzler Puddle Makes a Splash on PS4 Today

    Wet and wild

    Ubiquitous physics-based puzzler Puddle is set to drip onto the PlayStation 4 in Europe today, Neko Entertainment has announced. Already available on the PlayStation Vita, the popular indie project will support full cross-buy, so you’ll only need to stump up once in order to play the title on both of Sony’s flagship formats. Not...

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    Review Kung Fu Rabbit

    Carrot-y chop

    Adding to the slew of mobile-developed indie games that are finding their way onto Sony’s portable console, Kung Fu Rabbit brings basic yet addictive platforming to the table. It’s a title that won’t win any awards for originality, but its neat presentation and simple charm ensure that it’s a difficult game to put down. As you...

  • News Kung Fu Rabbit Karate Chopping PlayStation Vita This Summer

    Badass bunny

    Neko Entertainment is no stranger to the PlayStation Vita, having drip fed its devilish fluid-based puzzle platformer Puddle onto the PlayStation Store last year. But following a brief dalliance with the Nintendo Wii U, the firm is now planning on porting former smartphone favourite Kung Fu Rabbit to Sony’s handheld system, too...

  • News Puddle Drips Onto PlayStation Network This January

    Let's face it: water is fun

    There's nothing more relaxing than watching rain-drops hit a car window and meander down the glass. Konami's upcoming PlayStation Network puzzle-title, Puddle, hopes to replicate the enjoyment of water in digital form. The downloadable title's set to make a splash on January 25th in Europe and January 31st in North...