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  • News NBA Playgrounds Sequel Slam Dunks PS4 This Year

    Currying favour

    Already? It doesn’t feel like that long since Saber Interactive’s arcade basketball game NBA Playgrounds broke the backboard of the PlayStation 4, but a sequel’s already on the way. Due out later this year, the sequel will add new online and local multiplayer game modes, as well as new music, courts, and a single player...

  • Review NBA Playgrounds (PS4)


    NBA fans have been spoiled in recent years, being treated to arguably the most accurate virtual sporting experience with the NBA 2K series. However, the rise of realistic sims has seen arcade basketball games become a thing of a bygone era. The 90s were jampacked with these types of games, while the early 2000s saw its fair share of titles...

  • News NBA Playgrounds Slam Dunks PS4 on 9th May

    Up your game

    Saber Interactive's arcade NBA Jam X NBA Street love-in NBA Playgrounds will alley-oop the PlayStation 4 on 9th May. The game – which promises on arcade take on basketball – will feature a wide roster of current and past NBA stars, such as Shaquille O'Neal, Steph Curry, and LeBron James. The title will retail for $19.99, and you...