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    Review Dragon Fantasy: Book II

    Less is more

    A direct sequel to Dragon Fantasy: Book I, Dragon Fantasy: Book II continues the story of Ogden and his party. It's still full of cheeky humour, silly dialogue, and old school JRPG gameplay – but does it improve enough upon its predecessor? Developer Muteki Corporation could have easily stuck to what it had already created with the...

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    Review Dragon Fantasy: Book I

    Dragged out fantasy

    Harkening back to the days of rather basic 2D Japanese RPGs like the original Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, Dragon Fantasy: Book I at first appears to be little more than a tribute to the games that created a genre. However, on closer inspection, the title manages to craft its own thoughtful identity through a clever use of...

  • Interview Delving into the Dungeons of Dragon Fantasy on PS3 and Vita

    Muteki Corporation opens the book on old-school adventures

    While we appreciate the strides that take place in interactive entertainment every year, sometimes we long for the simplicity of the past. Muteki Corporation is a small studio that shares a similar sentiment, having dedicated its output to recapturing the magic of the Final Fantasy and...

  • News FuturLab: Sony Has Had Its Passions Stoked to Blast Furnace Temperature

    The people behind PlayStation are fired up

    We apologise for continually bleating on about it, but Sony has changed. There’s a marked adjustment in attitude exuding the company that was once deemed anachronistic and arrogant, and that bodes well for the PlayStation 4 as last week’s Games Developers Conference proved. The firm’s positive...

  • News Dragon Fantasy Spins a Yarn on PS3 and Vita This Month

    It's getting hot in here

    While you may already know that Muteki Corporation’s gorgeous retro role-playing homage Dragon Fantasy: Book II is exploring the PlayStation 3 and Vita sometime this year, you may not know that its predecessor is also making the jump later this month. Series creator Adam Rippon confirmed the news in an interview with...

  • News Sony Bookmarks Dragon Fantasy: Book II for PS3 and Vita

    Page turner

    Sony has secured Muteki Corporation’s throwback RPG Dragon Fantasy: Book II for PS3 and Vita. Unlike its 8-bit iOS predecessor, the sequel takes inspiration from the 16-bit era. The game promises Mode 7-style visuals, upgraded audio and a new combat system. It will also boast a four-player multiplayer mode where players can...