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  • News At Least Final Fantasy XV's Music Is Making Progress

    Audio extravagance

    We like to debate a lot of topics here at Push Square towers, but whether Final Fantasy XV will actually ever release is a particularly popular one. Still, while director Tetsuya Nomura has likened the PlayStation 4 title’s production to “climbing a mountain”, we can happily report that the soundtrack is at the very least...

  • Feature 2013's Most Powerful PlayStation Soundtracks

    Don't look back in anger

    More often than not, too much effort is spent pondering the visuals of a game. Or its gameplay. Or its set pieces. However, there’s one pivotal area that tends to get overlooked time and time again: the soundtrack. If you’re on the fence about a particular piece of software, an emotional piece of music can set you on the...

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    Review Just Dance 2014

    It takes Move to tango

    Ubisoft’s colossal Just Dance series has become a common name among party gamers and rhythm fans. The gameplay essentially boils down to you mirroring a brightly coloured avatar in order to pull shapes to popular songs across a variety of genres. Compatible with up to four players, the franchise scores you by tracking your...

  • News Now You Can Attend Music Concerts Directly from Your PS3

    Never get caught in a mosh pit again

    Live music is fantastic, but it comes with a few major caveats. For starters, you’re often forced to rub shoulders with smelly scene kids who don’t know the meaning of the word ‘deodorant’. And then there’s the whole physical endurance aspect, which sees you standing around for hours on end while...

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    Review Rocksmith 2014 Edition

    It's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock 'n' roll)

    Let's cut to the chase: Rocksmith 2014 Edition will not miraculously teach you how to play guitar like Slash in 24 hours. Learning the guitar or bass takes years of dedicated practice, repetition, self-motivation, and real technique. That doesn't necessarily mean that Rocksmith is useless –...

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    Review KickBeat

    Fists of melody

    The concept of fusing fighting and rhythm games seems so obvious, as the act of combat already has a rhythmic feel to it. Timing is, of course, crucial to both pastimes, with complex moves requiring metronome-like precision, just like the beat of a song. KickBeat, then, is pretty much the perfect marriage of genres, and the Zen...

  • News You'll Be Listening to Some Stellar Tracks in Grand Theft Auto V

    Sony apologises for leak

    This is more or less why we can’t have nice things. Sony made Grand Theft Auto V available for download on the European PlayStation Store this week. With the file spanning an enormous 18GB, the company wanted to make it easy for players to download ahead of the game’s release on 17th September. Sadly, the file’s been...

  • News VidZone Starts a Music Video Streaming Party in North America

    Just dance

    VidZone has been a mainstay of the European PlayStation 3 experience for eons, cranking out killer tunes since before Lady GaGa was hip. But now, much like Spotify before it, the service is set to play catch up in North America, allowing residents of the new world to stream the hits of Hanson until their heart’s content. Mmmbop. The...

  • E3 2013 Rocksmith 2014 Edition Plays a Power Chord on PS3

    Turn it up to eleven

    The music game genre may have flopped like a manufactured boy band, but Ubisoft’s guitar guide game Rocksmith has shredded out a niche all of its own. As such, it’s no surprise to see the series make a comeback with Rocksmith 2014 Edition, which is set to release on the PlayStation 3 later this year. Much like its...

  • News The Last of Us Sounds Just As Good As It Looks

    Ear candy

    The Last of Us is not only shaping up to be a feast for the eyes, but also for the ears. Naughty Dog has continued its behind-the-scenes mini-series, this time pointing its camera at legendary composer Gustavo Santaolalla. In the video, the musician talks a little about his guitar teacher quitting when he was just a child – not because...

  • News No, Your PlayStation 4 Won't Play Audio CDs

    Use them as a coaster instead

    If you were planning on cranking up your classic copy of Blink 182’s unforgettable Take Off Your Pants and Jacket through your brand spanking new PlayStation 4, you may be in for a shock – Sony has confirmed that its next generation console will not actually support audio CDs. The company revealed the snippet as...

  • News Would You Kindly Listen to This BioShock Remix Album

    Sounds of the underground

    How do you transform BioShock’s harrowing art-deco universe into something infectious? Well, if you’re voice actor turned remix extraordinaire Eddie Bowley, you take its most famous sound bites and arrange them into beats so catchy that not even Ayn Rand could resist tapping her disco feet. ‘Only Man’ is a full...

  • News Journey Misses Out on Prestigious Grammy Award

    The one that got away

    Given the sheer amount of awards that Journey has scooped up over the past 12 months, we suppose it’s about time that the title stopped hogging the limelight. Despite being the first ever video game to be nominated for a Grammy award, Austin Wintory’s scorching score lost out to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ e

  • Feature Crafting the Contrasting Sounds of The Unfinished Swan

    Secret gardens and synths

    The Unfinished Swan is a blank canvas; an engrossing adventure open to interpretation and debate. It’s a title that’s defined by contrasts, be it the bold blobs of colour that paint your progression through the game’s otherwise vacant world, or the juxtaposed personalities of the protagonist and his counterpart, the...

  • News Journey Soundtrack Makes History with Grammy Nomination


    Clearly not content with the mass of awards that it’s already won, Journey has made history by becoming the first ever video game to be nominated for a Grammy award. The title’s scorching score – composed by Austin Wintory – is up for contention in the ‘Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media’ category. It’ll face off against...

  • News That Groovy Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Tune Is By Stevie Wonder

    Hum the bassline

    Rockstar Games always selects the perfect tracks to accompany its trailers, and it made another bold choice with today’s hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V re-reveal. The funky jam at the heart of the footage is Stevie Wonder’s Skeletons, which was a 1987 hit off the Motown artist’s 21st studio album Characters. We’ve...

  • Feature Why PixelJunk Studio Q-Games Is Creating Trip-Hop During Its Lunch Break

    Massive attack

    For all the satisfaction that comes alongside creating video games, there are times when it can be a gruelling occupation. Thankfully, the Kyoto-based studio behind the PixelJunk series has happened upon an innovative means of maintaining morale throughout the day. For the past six months, Q-Games has been using its lunch breaks to...

  • News PixelJunk and Lumines Developers Release New Record

    Real time

    Kyoto-based developer Q-Games may be best known for its work on the PixelJunk franchise, but the studio has been quietly expanding its portfolio into rock and roll over the past couple of months. Designed as a distraction to keep morale high during hectic coding sessions, the studio has formed a trip-hop supergroup known as The Electric...

  • News Fan-Made WipEout Album Pays Tribute to Psygnosis

    Download for free now

    It surprised many when Sony shut down Studio Liverpool, formerly Psygnosis and developer of one of the most iconic game series on Sony's systems, WipEout. The most recent entry, WipEout 2048, is one of the best titles on Vita, but the fate of the franchise is unclear now that its driving force has been disbanded. For many,...

  • News RE: Operation Raccoon City Soundtrack Launches

    Rotten racket

    You probably don’t want to be reminded of Slant Six’s diabolical third-person shooter, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. But on the off-chance that you actually enjoyed the squad-based spin-off (what’s wrong with you?), Sumthing Music has announced that it has finally launched the game’s official soundtrack. To be fair,...

  • News Darksiders II Soundtrack Now Available for Pre-Order

    Sounds like Death itself, supposedly

    Sumthing Else Music Works and THQ have announced that the upcoming Darksiders II will be receiving its very own two-disc soundtrack for you to listen while you're not riding into battle and restoring mankind. The soundtrack will feature scores by Assassin's Creed and Hitman composer, Jesper Kyd, whose...

  • News Trent Reznor Bringing Some Fresh Beats to Black Ops 2

    Like nails on a chalkboard

    If you assumed Call of Duty couldn’t possibly get any more edgy, then you were wrong. Activision has announced that it has snapped up Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor to compose Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s theme song. He will not produce the game’s entire soundtrack, however – that honour will go to Mass...

  • News Boston Hosts Final Fantasy Orchestral Concert Next Week

    Hamauzu in attendance

    Next week sees a concert of music from Final Fantasy hit Boston's Symphony Hall, with series composer Masashi Hamauzu set to appear too. Boston's Video Game Orchestra and Choir Força, conducted by Grammy-winner Arnie Roth, will take to the stage on 10th March at 8pm for an evening of music from the venerable Japanese RPG...

  • News Deadmau5 Shapes Sound Shapes' Soundscapes

    On the sea shore

    DJ Deadmau5 has signed up to provide exclusive new tracks for upcoming music platformer Sound Shapes. According to the press release, Deadmau5 will create "a variety of exclusive new tracks" for the game, due out for Vita in 2012. We took the game for a spin back in September: our Sound Shapes preview tells you all you...

  • News Golden Oldies Revealed for Get Up and Dance

    Elton, Dusty and Lionel

    O Games' Get Up and Dance wants to give players of all age something they can shake their hips (or replacements) to, with the publisher announcing four new old tracks for the song's playlist. From Donna Summer's classic Hot Stuff — best known for its role in The Full Monty of course — to Lionel Richie's feel good song...

  • News DanceStar Party Tracklist Rocks the Party

    Get on the floor

    Sony's intending to go up against the dancing behemoth that is Just Dance 3 with its own dancing game, Everybody Dance aka DanceStar Party in Europe, and here's the tracklist you'll be grooving to when the game launches later this year. There's the usual mix of classic and contemporary tunes, from Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas to...

  • News Making Music Is Stupid Easy in Sound Shapes

    Even a caveman could do it

    Sound Shapes co-creators Jonathan Mak and Shaw-Han Liem recently sat down with the PS Blog to discuss the philosophy behind their game, and how its simplicity and style help it to work both as a quality platformer and an easy-to-use music maker. Players are given simple tools that instantly produce the building blocks of a...

  • News What Do Resistance and The Beatles Have In Common?

    They both started in England

    An epic game needs an epic soundtrack, and Insomniac believes the score for Resistance 3 fits the bill. Composed by long-time Insomniac collaborator Boris Salchow, who previously worked on Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time and Resistance 2, the score was recorded at London's Abbey Road Studios, most famous for hosting...

  • News Sony Unveils New Music Title Sound Shapes

    From the maker of Everyday Shooter

    The PS Blog has popped the lid on it's latest game for the NGP (or should we call it the Vita?), tentatively titled Sound Shapes. The game is from Jonathan Mak, maker of the popular PSN title Everyday Shooter, and will mix elements of the platforming and music/rhythm genres. Players create their own music by simply...

  • News Let's Dance with Mel B's Track List is Camp as They Come

    Gloria Gaynor? Check

    Ubisoft's attempts to get every single person in the world dancing to one of its video games show no sign of abating, as it's released the track listing for Let's Dance with Mel B. Lady Gaga, Gloria Gaynor and Culture Club rub shoulders with 50 Cent, Fatboy Slim and Pussycat Dolls, with 28 songs in total included in the...

  • Guide How Will Music Unlimited on the NGP Work?

    Let us explain everything

    Sony announced earlier this month that its Qriocity media service will bring Music Unlimited packages to the NGP, as well as the PSP and Xperia Play. But what exactly is the service? Not an iTunes Clone: Much like popular music hubs iTunes, eMusic and Amazon, Qriocity houses millions of digital songs for you to peruse, even...

  • News Amazing Mix Tape Samples The Hits Of Street Fighter, Will Make Your Evening

    You're not going to want to miss British producer Akira The Don's homage to the hits of Street Fighter

    The hour-long mix-tape dropped on his website this week samples a truckload of music from Capcom's games, aswell as Street Fighter linked sounds from Redman, Ras Kass and Double. The tape took three weeks to mix and master. Catch it after the jump...

  • News Check It Out: Final Fantasy XIII On An Old Record Thing

    If you're like us, you probably have like a bag of vinyls next your computer

    Well, we totally do. If you don't - boo to you. Know what would be a cool complement to our vinyl collection? Final Fantasy XIII's soundtrack. Which is totally happening. The limited edition vinyl is available exclusively through Square's e-shop. Like right now. We suggest...

  • News Vinyl Fantasy 7 Mashes Hip-Hop With Final Fantasy, Results Are Amazing

    Twiggy's in agreement - Team Teamwork's Final Fantasy VII/hip-hop mash-up is phenomenal

    Aside from a brief appearance of the frighteningly folk Tom Waits, this "pay-what-you-want" record is the perfect compliment to our First-Time Fantasy series. Go download it from here.

  • News Weird Korean Pop Video Debuts Hot Girls, Moderately OK Melodies, Synth Bass & Seductive Gran Turismo Playing Styles

    Korean pop group The Wonder Girls love their Playstation 3

    So much they put it in their music video. But with the music industry being what it is, the big salary-execs decided the girls couldn't simply sit around eating pizza and playing Gran Turismo in their single-seller promo video. So instead, they have to grind about and point their bottom...