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    Review Mugen Souls Z

    The questionable quest for cute

    There aren’t many games as unusual as Mugen Souls Z. Its main character is a young goddess who carries around a coffin, not for any reason in particular, just because the writers needed some kind of container and that seemed to make sense. That’s not the weirdest thing that you’ll see either. Charged with...

  • Weirdness Mugen Souls Z's DLC Lets You Beat Enemies with a Body Pillow

    Killing you softly

    While Saints Row IV will always be the winner of the craziest weapon award with such wonders as the Dubstep Gun and the Inflato Ray, NIS America's role-playing game Mugen Souls Z is taking a good shot at the title. The folks moderating the release's Wikia page teased a weapon that will be included in one of its first DLC packs: a...

  • News Bawdy JRPG Mugen Souls Z Bursts onto the PS3 in May

    Z is a magic number

    With the exception of Persona 5, there aren't exactly a truckload of new titles tearing onto the PlayStation 3 this year. But if you're looking for a reason to dust off that DualShock 3 controller, and you're too terrified to look through your backlog, perhaps Mugen Souls Z will be of interest. This jaunty JRPG from developer...