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  • Review Spelunky 2 - Rock Hard Roguelike Is a Superior Sequel

    To the moon

    Spelunky is the definition of "harsh but fair". A roguelike platformer with a myriad of moving parts, the procedurally generated underground worlds have a strict set of rules, and you must follow them, lest you be punished in surprisingly gruesome ways. It's of course very much the same with Spelunky 2, a sequel that builds upon the...

  • News Spelunky 2 Brings Deadly, Randomly Generated Platforming to PS4 Today

    Watch the launch trailer

    Spelunky was a hugely influential indie game, popularising the roguelike with its treacherous, ever-shifting maps and myriad secrets. After making it onto PlayStation 3, Vita, and PS4, the original can put its feet up, as the sequel is finally here. Spelunky 2 releases today on PS4, and there's a new trailer to celebrate...

  • News Spelunky 2 Dies Again (and Again) from 15th September

    One more go

    Cult hit Spelunky’s long-awaited sequel will finally plunge the depths of the PlayStation 4 from 15th September, and it’s looking way more varied than its already unpredictable predecessor. A brand new gameplay walkthrough showcases some of the insanity you can expect from Spelunky 2, and you can watch that above. “Our hope is...

  • News Spelunky 2 Development Update Shares New PS4 Screenshots

    Let's get Spelunkin'

    After going dark on Spelunky 2 since August 2019, Mossmouth's Derek Yu has finally shared an update on the sequel to the 2D rogue-like classic. We don't have a release date just yet, which is said to be getting "closer and closer", but the developer has shared some new PlayStation 4 screenshots to make up for that. Let's get a...

  • News Looks Like Spelunky 2 Has Been Delayed into 2020

    Caved in

    In case you'd forgotten, we're getting a sequel to the beloved roguelike platformer, Spelunky. Announced all the way back at Paris Games Week 2017, Spelunky 2 looks to build on the acclaimed original with a new look, locations, and mechanics. You can see it for yourself in last year's gameplay trailer, but we've hea

  • News Spelunky 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows a Treasure Trove of Additions

    We dig it

    Spelunky 2 was teased all the way back at Paris Games Week last year, and we haven't heard a peep about it since. Out of seemingly nowhere, the PlayStation Blog has posted a brand new trailer, showing off gameplay of the sequel for the first time, and it's looking pretty good. Aside from a subtle but

  • PGW 2017 Spelunky 2 Exists, And Is Coming to PS4

    The walls are shifting

    A sequel to cult favorite rougelike Spelunky was revealed for PlayStation 4 during Sony's Paris Games Week preshow today. Aptly titled Spelunky 2, the game received a short story trailer showing off some heart-wrenching story beats that follow the first title's adventurer after he finishes his quest.  While gameplay...

  • News UFO 50 Is an Original Retro Gaming Montage from Indie Greats

    And it could come to PS4

    Remember those bootleg Game Boy cartridges you could buy from Spanish holiday destinations or the plug-and-play Atari knock-offs on shopping channels? The quality was rarely good – and they were highly illegal – but there was a novelty attached to accessing a mixture of games (good and bad) all in one place. UFO 50 aims...

  • Review Spelunky (PlayStation Vita)

    Fortune and glory, kid

    How far are you willing to go for the sake of a solid gold bar? Are you prepared to take a leap of faith over what could be a bottomless pit? Would you test your mettle against a horde of vicious snakes? Is the promise of that shiny metal enough to make you risk all of your progress so far? These are just some of the questions...

  • News Spelunky Plunders PlayStation 3 and Vita This Summer

    Diamond in the rough

    Procedurally generated indie platformer Spelunky is coming to both the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Revealed during GDC 2013, developer Mossmouth confirmed that the former Xbox Live Arcade exclusive will ship with a handful of “new features” on Sony’s suite of systems. Development is being handled by an external outfit...