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    Review DC Universe Online

    Spandex okay

    Dressing up in tight rubberised clothing and heading out onto the city streets to clobber “criminals” is frowned upon in decent society, and, we suppose when you consider what the tabloids would have to say about it, that’s probably for the best. There’s no need to worry, though, PlayStation 4 owners (and secret spandex...

  • News Square Enix Conjures First PS3 Footage of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Till kingdom come

    After an incredible four years, Square Enix is on the verge of summoning Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn onto the PlayStation 3. The title – which is due out on 27th August – was originally announced during Sony’s E3 press conference back in 2009. The game launched on the PC a year later, only to be completely rebuilt from...

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    Review Defiance

    Hell Bugs aren't the only bugs to worry about

    Defiance is an ambitious cross-media experiment that aims to, ahem, defy expectations, and it gets awfully close to doing just that. A rich, expansive universe packed to the brim with lore creates a world that you'll want to explore and learn more about. However, questionable design choices, oodles of...

  • News Sony Says NGP is Perfect for MMO Gaming

    Could we see raids on the go?

    When most people think of MMOs and MMORPGs, they usually envision a lone PC player sitting hunched over his or her desktop, anchored in their seats for hours of gaming running on nothing but Red Bull and Cheetos. Sony however, sees it differently. In a recent interview with Games Industry.biz, Sony of Europe’s John...

  • News Kingdom Under Fire II Joins The PlayStation 3's Upcoming MMOs Roster

    Blueside's confirmed that they'll be bringing their MMO, Kingdom Under Fire II, to the PlayStation 3 in 2012

    The game will hopefully join a series of other MMOs on Sony's console, including Final Fantasy XIV and DC Universe Online. The game was originally meant to launch on the XBOX 360 and PC, but is now set to launch on the PlayStation 3 because...

  • News Free Realms PS3 To Make Its Debut At This Year's E3

    The Playstation 3 has long promised a slew of massively-multiplayer online games

    Sony Online Entertainment announced a long-time ago that the PS3 would usher video games into the MMO-on-consoles era, with ports of Free Realms and their upcoming The Agency and DC Universe Online. It's been a long time since those lofty heights were discussed - but...