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  • News Pump Up the Volume: Coda with Free PlayStation VR Expansion

    All the way to eleven

    Mike Bithell's modern re-telling of Robin Hood will be getting a free expansion named Volume: Coda – and it will feature full PlayStation VR support. The add-on's being planned as a launch title for Sony's ambitious headset, and will come with 30 fresh missions set after the conclusion of the main campaign, as well as a new...

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    Review Volume

    Robin good

    Volume is Mike Bithell's follow-up endeavour to the charming little platformer Thomas Was Alone. While this wasn't necessarily the most complicated side-scroller ever, its personality and wit allowed it to stand way out among the competition. Bithell's next project takes him into the stealth genre, with a title that wears its love for...

  • News Volume's Getting a New, Harder Difficulty Setting

    Cranking up the volume

    Volume sneaked into the world this week to great reviews. However, one criticism that has been levelled at it is the check-pointing system which seems rife for exploitation. The creator of the game, Mike Bithell, has responded to the criticism on the title's website by saying: "We're going to augment Volume with a more...

  • Round Up Volume PS4 Reviews Turn It Up to 11

    Loud and proud

    How loud is Volume? Seeing as we don't actually have it yet, we couldn't tell you – but judging by some early reviews from those that do, it's pretty darn loud. The stealth game from Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell is being drowned in the sound of positive critical acclaim; here are some choice excerpts on the PlayStation 4...

  • News Mike Bithell's Volume Slips onto PS4, Vita from 18th August

    Say it loud

    It's always hard to get heard during E3 season, but we suppose if your game's called Volume, you should have zero excuses. Mike Bithell has announced that his aforementioned Metal Gear Solid-inspired stealth title is set to slip onto the PlayStation 4 and Vita from 18th August. There's a new trailer embedded below which sets the game up...

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    Review Thomas Was Alone

    Lonely loner on the lonely road

    Thomas Was Alone is the lovely little puzzle platformer by Mike Bithell, which was later ported by Curve Studios. While not a terribly long or challenging game, it released early last year on the PlayStation 3 and Vita, and was well received. In fact, it earned additional attention from us, landing a place in our Top...

  • News Volume Will Turn Down AI to Improve Gameplay, Slips to 2015

    Hear no evil

    Volume is the forthcoming stealth-'em-up heading to the PlayStation 4 and Vita from Mike Bithell, the man behind minimalist indie beauty Thomas Was Alone. The game depicts a modern day adaptation of Robin Hood, wherein petty thief protagonist Robert Locksley stumbles upon Volume – a training simulator for military personnel. Alongside...

  • News Thomas Was Alone Has Made Over 700,000 New Friends

    Look who's popular now

    Mike Bithell may be pumping up the, er, Volume on his second major project as we type, but that’s not stopped Thomas Was Alone from finding ample company across multiple platforms. Speaking on the Joystiq podcast, the indie rockstar revealed that the rectangular platformer has sold over 700,000 copies across PC, Mac, Linux,...

  • News Cross Your Fingers for a PlayStation Port of Mike Bithell's Volume

    Turn it up

    Indie rockstar Mike Bithell has pointed the neon soaked spotlight at his latest project today, Volume. The game – which is described as a cross between Metal Gear Solid and Minecraft – sees you sloping through brightly coloured arenas, all while attempting to steal items. It’s been in development for around seven months, and will...

  • News Thomas Was Alone Found More Friends Through PS Plus

    Keeping company

    Thomas Was Alone, but now he’s the talk of the town – and according to indie developer Mike Bithell, Sony’s excellent PlayStation Plus initiative is partly responsible for the forlorn rectangle's new-found fame. Chatting with Joystiq, the creator explained that the uptake has been “ridiculous” and “amazing” through the...

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    Review Thomas Was Alone

    It's hip to be square

    Although 'simple and charming' is a worn-out phrase used to describe the numerous puzzle platformers on the PlayStation Network, there's no question that those three words suit Thomas Was Alone perfectly. Guiding geometric shapes through a gauntlet of hazards and obstacles is the order of the day, but while the cross-buy...

  • News Thomas Was Alone Developer Mike Bithell Plotting PlayStation 4 Title

    Encourages indie developers to hop aboard

    Indie favourite Thomas Was Alone may be acclimatising to its new console quarters as we type, but that’s not stopped designer Mike Bithell from plotting plans for the PlayStation 4. Hot on the heels of the puzzle platformer’s release on the PlayStation 3 and Vita, the British-based developer has hinted...