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  • News N++ Receives 'Ultimate Edition' Update on PS4

    Plus sized model

    Metanet's super-stylish platformer, N++, received an update yesterday that flew a little under the radar. Effectively doubling the size of the game, the "Ultimate Edition" patch adds a whole bunch of brand new content to the already enormous title for no extra cost. Aside from squashing some bugs, the upgrade adds thousands of new...

  • Review N++ (PS4)

    The nth degree

    Metanet Software has come a long way with its acclaimed N series. Ten years ago, the studio launched N as a freeware Flash game, and released an expanded version on consoles a few years later. Fans of the series have had to wait a long time for the sequel, but it's finally here, and it positively dwarfs its predecessors. With a...

  • News Punishing Platformer N++ Brings the Pain in This PS4 Trailer

    Not for the faint of heart

    If you've got a predisposition towards Hellish platformers, and you thought that Knack was too easy to even use as a warm up, then Metanet Software's incoming title N++ may be right up your alley. The third game in the notoriously difficult N series, this PlayStation 4 exclusive will see you play as an agile ninja...