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  • Review Magicka 2 (PlayStation 4)

    It's a co-op kinda magic

    Magicka 2, much like the PC hit Magicka before it, is a magic-'em-up which plays out in cartoony environments from a Diablo-esque isometric viewpoint. As the name suggests, it's all about magic(ka) and it packs a fun, surprisingly deep spell casting system that will see you conjuring up all manner of devastation. Making the...

  • News Annihilate the Competition in Magicka 2's Sing-a-Long Contest

    Disco, disco, good, good

    While E3 was brimming with more gaming goodness than you could fit into a picnic hamper, a trailer that left a lasting impression on this writer was the announcement of Magicka 2 on the PlayStation 4. Not only did it mock its own character's unemployment since the original title, but also the downsides of its iconic friendly...