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  • Review Loadout (PlayStation 4)

    Butt of the joke

    There are so many online shooters these days that some companies can't even give them away – just ask Icelandic outfit CCP Games about the popularity of its PlayStation 3 experiment DUST 514. With the space utterly dominated by blockbuster brands like Battlefield and Call of Duty, you'd think that smaller studios such as Edge of...

  • News Loadout Is Your Latest Free PS4 Download

    Give it a whirl

    When the PlayStation 4 launched last year, it played host to a bevy of free-to-play titles – but the trickle of complimentary content has been a little slower over the past six or so months. Loadout has arrived just in time for the holidays, then, promising plenty of rootin’ tootin’ third-person shootin' – and the ability to...