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  • Review LEGO Worlds (PS4)

    Brick it to the man

    Upon its release in 2011, Minecraft drew plenty of comparisons to LEGO. It was like playing with everyone's favourite Danish export – no, not him – but virtually, and without the damage to your bank account. Hell, LEGO even made Minecraft sets, so you could play your favourite virtual LEGO game in real life with LEGO. So...

  • News Let Your Imagination Run Wild in LEGO Worlds This March

    Build me up buttercup

    Like every child on the planet, we used to play with LEGO when we were little. Except our "master builds" didn't include the Taj Mahal or the Great Barrier Reef – we simply settled for a square house with a flat roof on the top. Good times. Anyway, LEGO is obviously really fun whatever you're building, and LEGO Worlds is...

  • Hands On Getting Creative with LEGO Worlds on PS4

    If you can dream it, you can build it

    Ever since the launch of LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game years ago on the PlayStation 2, the LEGO games have enjoyed a lengthy, if somewhat predictable, lineage of excellent platformers. The formula is relatively set in stone at this point, as you build, fight, and explore LEGO universes across a broad variety of...