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  • Review LA Cops (PlayStation 4)


    Hotline Miami's not necessarily the kind of game that you'd expect to attract a string of copycats, but LA Cops follows developer Dennaton's brutal blueprint down to the most specific of details. You play as one of six clich├ęd LAPD law enforcers, with your objective to bring justice to some of America's most wanted. You'll do this by...

  • News LA Cops Styles Its Afro on PS4 Next Week


    Team 17 is on a bit of a PlayStation 4 binge right now, as it's announced that LA Cops will be cuffing itself to Sony's next-gen machine starting next week. The afro-adorning isometric shooter can perhaps be best compared to Hotline Miami, as you tactically infiltrate criminal settlements in your shades and proceed to, ahem, take out the...