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    Review Journey

    Pilgrim's progress

    Journey is as magical today as it was when it first released on the PlayStation 3 back in 2012. thatgamecompany's masterpiece is a thought provoking, emotional experience that everyone should try at least once, and now that it's on the PlayStation 4, complete with cross-buy support and enhanced visuals, there's never been a better...

  • Soapbox Here's Why I Will Be Playing Journey on PS4

    With hopes of starting over

    Republished on Tuesday, 21st July 2015: We're bringing this soapbox back from the archives to celebrate Journey's release on the PS4 this week. The original text follows. Originally published on Thursday, 14th August 2014: I understand where Polygon scribe Colin Campbell is coming from when he says that he won't be...

  • News Pre-Order Journey on PS4 and Get a Typically Pretty Theme

    Coming to cross-buy users, too

    The PlayStation Store's got quite a few decent PlayStation 4 themes knocking around, but this static Journey background's bound to look rather good. Sony Santa Monica Studio announced on Twitter that you'll be able to nab the theme by pre-ordering the sensual adventure on PS4. The new-gen port releases on the 21st...

  • News Journey's Got a Confirmed Release Date on PS4 and It's Cross-Buy

    Cue chirping noises

    As per yesterday's leak, Journey is finally coming to PlayStation 4 this month. The indie masterpiece has received a confirmed 21st July release date, along with a brand new trailer. We're sure the best part for many of you, though, will be that the new-gen port will be cross-buy compatible, meaning that if you bought the game...

  • News It Sounds Like Journey's Finally Floating onto PS4 This Month

    Get the soundtrack on

    It's no secret that the Push Square gang are massive fans of Journey - the band as well as the game, in some cases - but Sony's left us a bit baffled by being seemingly unable to put a date on the PlayStation 4 port of the indie masterpiece. That sounds like it's going to change in the very near future, though. According to...



  • News Journey PS4 Developer Nearing the Peak of Production Mountain

    Sing if you're winning

    One game that was conspicuous in its absence before Christmas last year was Journey. Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 port at GamesCom in August, which put an end to a series of hushed chirps regarding the re-release. However, while its contemporary The Unfinished Swan came and went in late October, there was no...




  • Out Now Journey (Europe)

    Sand play

    PlayStation Plus members have been skidding through the sand in thatgamecompany's Journey for a week already, but now it's time for everybody to set off on their own adventure. Lucky North Americans got the game yesterday for the tidy sum of $14.99, while European travellers can pick it up for £9.99 as of today. Thatgamecompany's third...


  • News Sample The Magical Music Of Journey

    Lest we forget that beyond the big names such as BioShock: Infinite and The Last Of Us, there's one very promising game coming exclusively to the PlayStation Network this Spring; thatgamecompany's beautiful flower narrowly missed out on our game of the year award in 2009, and we wouldn't bet against the indie outfit's latest, Journey, from being a similar contender in 2012

    In a brand new interview with co-founder Kellee Santiago and composer Austin Wintory, USA Today has debuted...



  • News Sony Pushes Journey Into Spring 2012

    The writing's been on the wall for a while

    Journey's not coming out this year. Developer thatgamecompany was never specific about a date, but did confirm that it was aiming for a 2011 release date. The indie studio's silence has been telling over the last couple of months though, and it's true what they say: you can't rush brilliance. So with the game's beta out of the way, Journey has one long..