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  • Guide Extinction - How to Deal With Every Piece of Ravenii Armour

    Opening the lock

    Learning how to eliminate every piece of armour a Ravenii can possibly spawn with is the most important thing to learn in Extinction. Here's our guide to shedding the 150 feet monsters of the only thing that can protect them. Wooden armour: As the material would suggest, Wooden armour is the easiest to deal with. All you need to...

  • Guide Extinction - Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Ravenii's Wrath

    Dealing with a troll

    The Ravenii horde hellbent on taking over the world are no push over in Extinction, and after joining forces with the goblin army that makes up their ranks, they're a force to be reckoned with in combination. Here's a number of tips and tricks for dealing with them and making sure you come out on top. Its back is the safest...

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    Review Extinction

    Faring better than the Dodo

    There’s no game better than Shadow of the Colossus when it comes to the sheer scale of enemies. As hero Wander perilously tries to find some way to climb the towering Colossi in front of him, it’s this exact feeling that Extinction attempts to emulate. From developer Iron Galaxy, with former PlayStation executive Adam...

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    Review Videoball

    Balls to the wall

    Welcome to the future of electronic sport. Sure, Videoball may not look like a cutting edge PlayStation 4 game, with simple visuals of friendly-looking triangles (which you control) and circles (the titular videoballs themselves) – but thanks to a cunningly refined game engine and simple controls, this is pure addictive fun...

  • News Ex-Sony Exec Adam Boyes Enters the Lang Zone at Iron Galaxy

    Oh Boyes

    In news that will elate Giant Bomb fans, ex-Sony executive Adam Boyes has joined Iron Galaxy as its CEO, replacing founder Dave Lang, who will continue to have a very active role in the studio's business development. Iron Galaxy, for those who don't know, is perhaps best known for Killer Instinct on the Xbox One and Windows 10 – but it...

  • News Crack Open the Saints Flow! Johnny Gat Scissor Kicks Divekick: Addition Edition

    The boss is back in town

    Fighting games are only as good as their crossovers these days, and Divekick: Addition Edition Plus – the upcoming re-release of Iron Galaxy’s sudden death brawler – has scored a corker in the form of Saints Row’s greased gangster Johnny Gat. The open world superstar will appear in the PlayStation 4 version of the...

  • News Divekick: Addition Edition May Just Have the Best Subtitle Ever

    It's all in the mind

    Divekick may have been available on the PlayStation 3 for some time now, but developer Iron Galaxy’s tongue is still firmly stuck in its cheek. The studio has released an update for the sudden death brawler today, and in a swipe at Game of the Year re-releases, it’s cleverly dubbed it Divekick: Addition Edition. Good work,...

  • News Divekick Targets PlayStation 3 and Vita This Summer

    Like a bird

    Divekick is inspired by those tense fighting game encounters where you’re too nervous to make a move. With one hit leading to an instant knock-out, the PlayStation 3 and Vita title sees you using two buttons to, well, dive and kick your opponent. It sounds basic, but the high tension gameplay promises an addictive experience. “The...