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  • Review Invector (PS4)

    Veni vidi Avicii

    With a string of hit singles and a Mike Posner nod, we suppose the next step for Swedish superstar Avicii is to get his own game. Step forward Gothenburg-based indie Hello There’s Invector, a saccharine rhythm action release set to the backdrop of 22 thumping electronic dance tracks. Your interest is probably going to be...

  • PGW 2017 Invector Is the Avicii Game You've Been Waiting For

    Wake us up when it's out

    You’ll no longer need to take a pill in Ibiza to show Avicii that you’re cool – getting a high score in Invector should suffice. This game was announced two years ago for the PlayStation 4 and is finally resembling a finished product. The fact that it looks a lot like Amplitude is probably just a coincidence, we...