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  • Opinion Has Sony Really Fallen Out of Love with Indie Games?

    A question of optics

    Ever since PlayStation Europe chief Jim Ryan’s unfortunate choice of words on indie games, there’s been a spate of hot takes about how Sony’s abandoned the scene. It’s taken us at Push Square Towers by surprise, seeing as only a few months ago we were writing articles arguing against PlayStation Store curation. Y’see,...


  • News Sony's Snapped Up That Bad Ass Indie Devil May Cry Title

    Who needs Dante?

    Remember that awesome Devil May Cry-esque indie title that blew up on YouTube earlier in the year? Looks like Sony's snapped it up, as one-man maker noted on Twitter that he's "got support" from the platform holder and will be working on Lost Soul Aside with "some other devs". As a result, the release will be a timed exclusive for...


  • Talking Point Is Indie Becoming a Defunct, Dirty Word?

    Term worm

    Indie is the video game equivalent of Marmite: a sector of the medium so divisive that it’s simultaneously culpable of both dismay and delight. The very website that you’re reading is evidence of that, but we’re not alone: scuffles and skirmishes more heated than the format wars themselves can be attributed to the increasingly taboo...




  • News PS4 or Not, Sony Will Foot the Bill for Indie Developers at TGS

    Platform holder plays the good guy

    As far as public relations stunts go, this is a corker: Sony has announced that it will foot the bill for indie developers to exhibit their wares at this year’s Tokyo Game Show – regardless of whether they’re bringing their games to a PlayStation platform or not. The move may seem a bit extravagant for the...

  • Feature Everything You Need to Know About PS4's Latest Crop of Content

    It's raining games

    Sony cemented its complete and utter domination of the indie space a long time ago, and that’s allowed it to approach the sector with a kind of affable swagger over the past few months. That arrogance was on display overnight, as it casually confirmed twelve new titles for the PlayStation 4 without any real hype or hyperbole...






  • News How Microsoft's Hostile Indie Policies Could Impact PS4

    Xbox One manufacturer forcing launch day parity

    We’ve been holding off writing about Microsoft’s overdue Xbox One indie policies for a few days now, because this is something that really shouldn’t be particularly relevant on a PlayStation-centric site. There’s always wider competitive overlap that we look to explore, of course, but the...

  • News Indie Survival Horror Kodoku Sneaks onto PS4 and Vita in 2015

    Not a maths puzzle

    The preponderance of indie games on Sony consoles is arguably one of the platform holder's greatest strengths. We all remember that impressive spread at E3, and now we have yet another title to add to the ever growing list. Kodoku is a survival horror game developed by fledgling studio

  • News Terraria Tunnels onto PS Vita This Week in Europe

    Off to work we go

    Indie side-scrolling Minecraft-esque smash Terraria is set to start digging onto the PlayStation Vita this week, publisher 505 Games has announced. The title will scoop out its bucket and spade on 11th December in Europe, with a North American release set to rise out of the procedurally generated dirt a little later on 17th...

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    Review flOw

    Go with the flOw

    Before flower and Journey, there was flOw. Swimming onto the PlayStation 3 in 2007, this trailblazing title from thatgamecompany was one of several games that paved the way for the thriving indie scene found on consoles today. Six years later, it’s fitting that the release has washed up on the PlayStation 4 as part of its own...

  • News Hello Games' Hugely Ambitious No Man's Sky Explores the Sea and Stars

    The final frontier

    The only real danger in No Man's Sky is that developer Hello Games has lost its mind, as this looks wildly ambitious. The release — announced during the VGX Awards earlier this evening — hints at a massive open world in which you can start out swimming and then jump into a spacecraft and explore the stars. It's not exactly a...


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    Review flower

    Instant grassification

    Originally swept onto the PlayStation 3 in 2009, flower soared away with a slew of critical acclaim that would set the benchmark for developer thatgamecompany’s successor Journey three years later. At its release, the floral indie favourite pushed boundaries by exploring the idea of what interactive entertainment can be, and...

  • News TowerFall Ascends on PS4 in Early 2014

    Oooh, yeah

    Former Ouya exclusive TowerFall is coming to the PlayStation 4 in early 2014, Canadian indie developer Matt Thorson has announced. The competitive platformer was revealed for the next generation console during Spike TV's big next generation launch event overnight, and was the cause of Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida's...


  • News Sony: Exclusives Are Just a Means for Manufacturers to Brag Louder

    Little to gain in the indie space

    Exclusivity has been a staple of the console business since its inception, but as part of a candid keynote at the IndieCade conference in Los Angeles this week, Sony’s vice president of publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes admitted that the practice isn’t always productive for platform holders or...




  • News Liege Smashes Stretch Goal, Marches onto PS4 and Vita

    Check, mate

    Liege, the beautiful adult RPG by Coda Games, has smashed its Kickstarter stretch goal, meaning that the fascinating adventure will release on the PlayStation 4 and Vita in the near future. The title – which looks prettier than Rachel Bilson in a rose garden – needed to raise $48,000 in order to guarantee the console release, but...

  • News Sony's Indie Support 'Lives Up to the Hype, and Then Some'

    Liege developer impressed with platform holder

    Sony’s aggressive pursuit of indie outfits has been in force for some time now, and the positive word of mouth surrounding the platform holder is beginning to encourage some smaller studios to actively approach the Japanese giant. One such developer is John Rhee, who decided to reach out to the...


  • News Blacklight: Retribution Developer Uncloaked, Discusses PS4

    Zombie Studios unlocks the gun cabinet

    Zombie Studios’ highly-customisable first-person shooter Blacklight: Retribution is set to fire onto the PlayStation 4 as part of Sony’s ongoing free-to-play push, and speaking in the latest instalment of the platform holder’s Conversations with Creators initiative, the developer has admitted that the...

  • E3 2013 Sony Kicking Roll7 Some Cash to Build OlliOlli for Vita

    Let's get tricky

    Roll7’s side scrolling skater simulation OlliOlli may not officially be a part of Sony’s indie Pub Fund initiative, but the manufacturer is paying for the PlayStation Vita platformer’s development all the same. Company director Thomas Hegarty confirmed the snippet in an interview with Joystiq, adding that the studio will...

  • Feature Eight New PS4 Indie Games That Should Be On Your Radar

    Shrunken down to size

    The big moments at E3 may be reserved for hardware reveals and blockbuster exclusives, but the indie sector is undeniably becoming increasingly important for platform holder Sony. The Japanese giant has made a huge push in this area over the past few years, and as its press conference evidenced earlier in the week, it’s not...



  • News Sony's Aggressively Approaching Indie Developers for PS4

    Company cites smaller studios as a big focus

    You may not have dwelled on the idea too much, but PlayStation has become a bit of a haven for indie developers over the past couple of months. In just a few short weeks, the publisher has announced a slew of cult titles for the PlayStation 3 and Vita, including Hotline Miami, Thomas Was Alone, and...