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  • News Persona 4 Arena Sequel Delivers a Suplex to Importers

    And it hurts

    The Japanese language barrier can get in the way of a lengthy JRPG, but it's less problematic if you merely want to smash someone's head in. However, it seems that importers will have to wait a little longer for the uniquely named Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, as fans eagerly awaiting the sequel to Arc System Works' fighting...

  • News Japan's PS3 Game Malicious Coming to Vita

    Boss battles galore

    End bosses make up much of our favourite video game moments, so a title like Malicious — which is composed almost entirely of boss battles — certainly piques our interest. The game is already out in Japan as a downloadable PS3 title, but will be making its way to Vita as well. The game currently sells for a mere 800 Yen...