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    Review Dust: An Elysian Tail

    Elysian feels

    You wake up in the middle of a field with no idea who you are, or what you’re doing. A totally foreign winged creature flitters about, its aggravatingly chipper voice flinging questions at you incessantly. The ornate sword at your feet can also talk, but thankfully its voice is mercifully sombre. It informs you that you need to go on...

  • News Dust: An Elysian Tail Flaunts Its Fur on PS4 Really, Really Soon

    1080p, 60FPS

    There are plenty of people out there who grumble about indie games on the PlayStation 4. Maybe they feel cheated by the lack of original, super polished AAA titles coming out on the next-gen system right now, or maybe they don't feel that indie experiences are pushing their expensive hardware to its limit. However, we defy anyone, even...