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  • PSX 2015 New Hot Shots Golf PS4 Trailer Is Fore the Players

    Nice shot

    Is there a band more fitting for a Clap Hanz game than Owl City? The twee electropop outfit have lent some sounds to the first English language New Hot Shots Golf trailer, which is identical to the Tokyo Game Show clip – albeit with a different title card. While the casual sporting action appears to be in place, we're still not sure...

  • News New Hot Shots Golf Looks a Bit Rough on PS4

    Out of bounds

    Among the wealth of other anticipated upcoming titles, it's probably odd that New Hot Shots Golf sits atop Push Square Towers' most wanted PlayStation 4 games list. But here's the thing: developer Clap Hanz has an impeccable record when it comes to arcade sports games, and with over a decade of practice, we doubt that it's going to hit...

  • TGS 2015 New Hot Shots Golf Will Boast Buggies and Fishing

    Goin' clubbin'

    New Hot Shots Golf's trailer at TGS 2015 seemed to disappoint franchise fans, but we're actually pretty excited by what Sony's saying about the game. A page on the PlayStation Japan website has revealed a little more about the PlayStation 4 revival, and while we're working with shaky translations here, it certainly sounds like the...