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  • Review Disc Jam (PS4)

    Wind stammers

    High Horse Entertainment, the tiny two-person team behind futuristic PlayStation 4 frisbee-'em-up, is a big fan of two things: Windjammers and Rocket League. It's hard not to compare the launch of this sphere slingin' sports title with Psyonix's soccer cars – it's launching as a PlayStation Plus freebie and is even structured...

  • Hands On Is Disc Jam the Next Rocket League?


    We're not entirely sure who's responsible for Windjammers' sudden surge in popularity, but we're thankful for it all the same. The Frisbee-based NeoGeo cult classic – which itself is set to get a PlayStation 4 port later this year – has inspired a string of copycats, with Disc Jam being the first to reach open beta on Sony's new-gen...