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  • Review Invector (PS4)

    Veni vidi Avicii

    With a string of hit singles and a Mike Posner nod, we suppose the next step for Swedish superstar Avicii is to get his own game. Step forward Gothenburg-based indie Hello There’s Invector, a saccharine rhythm action release set to the backdrop of 22 thumping electronic dance tracks. Your interest is probably going to be...

  • News Put the Gloves Back On in Kung Fury: Street Rage's Huge New PS4 Update

    Belated button-bashing

    In case you missed it, the otherwise barebones brawler Kung Fury: Street Rage saw the release of a rather hefty update last month. The update features a brand new, fully voice acted story mode and grants fans of the film the opportunity to play as the ludicrous Triceracop, the minigun-toting Barbarianna, and the highly...

  • Review Kung Fury: Street Rage (PS4)

    Left, left, left again and straight up your ass

    There really isn't much to say about Kung Fury: Street Rage, other than that it can be a fun little distraction to sink your free time into. The game sees you take control of Kung Fury as he wallops, kicks, and shoots an endless wave of Nazi goons, racking up combos and points as he does so. You'll...