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    If a time traveller journeyed through time and told us that a 2D Metroidvania title would be one of the best games Double Fine ever released, we'd both scoff in disbelief and question why said time lord didn't tell us something more important, like who wins the US Election – or whether Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3 is ever made. See, on paper,...

  • News Lose Your Head Over Headlander on PS4 This Month

    Body shop

    Double Fine's quite literally lost its mind this time: Headlander, the latest title from Tim Schafer's team, is a game about a disembodied head. Sounds weird, right – until you remember that Rebellion's Neverdead did a similar thing. While that game was full-on grindhouse, however, this headless adventure is spoofing 70s sci-fi hard...