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  • Review Has-Been Heroes (PS4)

    Past it?

    Frozenbyte's best known for the Trine titles: a colourful trilogy of platformers characterised by lush fantasy environments and physics-based co-op puzzling. Charming, funny, and gorgeous, they were some of the best examples of the genre on consoles. Has-Been Heroes, however, is a very different beast. The charm is still there, although...

  • News Has-Been Heroes Rediscover Their Mojo on the PS4


    You may have seen Has-Been Heroes listed as part of the Nintendo Switch launch lineup, but the game is also coming to the PlayStation 4. It's the latest title by Trine developer Frozenbyte, but represents a bit of a departure for the firm, as it's a kind of roguelike strategy title in which you'll have to escort two princesses to the Princess...